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Boredom had driven her out. She had no patience with the silly girls, lost as they were to anything other than the assessment and acquisition of husbands, and the futilities of fashion. So she`d excused herself on the pretext that she felt a touch of the megrims, for which she had always found fresh air a sovereign remedy, and had sent for her groom to prepare her horse. Now, the idle chatter of the house party left behind, the Lady Arabella Dymphna Gregory-Rawlings cantered through the sun dappled woodlands. Her long trailing riding habit concealed the slim thigh hooked over the horn of the side-saddle on which she was seated, and hung down to cover the trim booted foot in the left hand stirrup. She rode with straight back, from good breeding and firm whaleboning, her jacket open in the warm summer air. The sights and sounds of burgeoning nature all around made her feel alive in every part of her being and she rode with a feeling of excitement as if she might meet with adventure at each new turn of the path.
Presently she emerged above a little river, a village just to her right and hard by the stream below her, a building that appeared to be the communal wash house where several women were arriving with their loads, and others were standing by, apparently in animated discussion. Arabella rode down the slope and, not wishing to get involved with the villagers, kept a little to one side so as to reach the river bank just behind the wash house where, screened by bushes, she let the horse drink from the clear stream.
As she sat there quietly, letting him have his fill, she became aware of women`s voices on the other side of the bushes.
"I reckon as how it`ll be a rare contest today, Peg. There`s some fine strong women entering." This from a deep country voice.
"Raw you might say for some of them before it`s over." This sounded like a younger woman. "There`ll be some well cooked bums around here this afternoon. Are you putting yours up, Nan?"
"No, I`ll keep my shilling to myself, though I might wager it later on someone like that big Betty. How about you then? You going to put your arse up?"
"Got to, haven`t I? My Ma says if I don`t have a go, now I`m eighteen, she`ll skin my backside for me herself, so I might just as well have a go in there as at Ma`s. At least I`ll have the satisfaction of having a go at one or two of the other girls on the way."
Arabella listened, spell bound. She had heard passing reference from the maids, many of whom were village girls, to these whipping contests in country parts, but she`d never actually come across one before. As she understood them, the women all put a small sum, though no doubt large enough to them in their near poverty, into a pool, it seemed to be a shilling a head, or rather bum in this case. A knock-out contest followed, until the eventual winner scooped the pool.
The women were still talking. "I always enjoys a good tussle between two strong women. It needs a country woman for this sport. I can`t see one of those fine pieces up at the Hall taking stripes on her bare arse. They`d have a fit of the vapours."
"You don`t know everything, young Peg. When I was in service a few years back, before I married Tom, I heard and saw things you wouldn`t believe. Sir Roderick was a stickler for discipline and that went for everyone in the household, from the lowest kitchen maid to Lady Meredith herself."
"You`re telling me Lady Meredith was beaten for her faults just like anyone else?" Peg`s voice was unbelieving.
"Oh yes, indeed she was. And quite often too. We always guessed when, for the Master would ring for the Butler and her Ladyship`s maid together. They never told, being loyal servants, but we knew all right." Nan laughed. "There`s not much goes on in a big house like that, what the servants don`t find out sooner rather than later. They always know who`s slipped into someone`s bed at night, which girls are missing a maidenhead, and who`s missed her monthlies and is in a muck sweat lest her belly should begin to swell."

The listener on the horse made a mental note to be a little more discreet. When you`ve been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and been surrounded by servants all your life, it is only too easy to forget that they have eyes and ears, and tongues too.
"Oh Nan, go on. What happened? Did you ever see it? Do tell." No disbelief now, Peg`s voice was full of eagerness.
"Yes I did see it once, and it was this way. The Master and Mistress were to go to visit nearby. Her Ladyship`s personal maid had been given leave to visit her Father, who was sick, and was to be away over night, and I was appointed in her place. I`d often helped with her dressing and hair and suchlike, and I think she liked me. Indeed if I`d not married Tom I think I might have got on and, perhaps, even got to travel with her Ladyship and seen the world, Paris even. Paris, that`s what I`d always wanted, but I got married instead."
"But what happened? Oh Nan, stop being such a tease and tell me what happened." Peg could hardly contain herself.
"Well, as I said, they`d been to dine at friends, and when they got back, it was obvious the Master was not best pleased and her Ladyship looked very contrite. We learned from the coachman, after, that he`d accused her of flirting with a young man at dinner, and she couldn`t deny it. Anyway, they`d been home about ten minutes when the bells go for the Butler and the Lady`s maid, that`s me of course that night. All the servants in the hall begin to snigger and make remarks about raw rumpsteaks and suchlike, but the Butler quells them with his best frosty look. `Come on, Nancy,` he says, `We`ve got business to attend to.`" She sniffed. "Some of those servants had no proper respect for their betters. Didn`t deserve no place in a good house."
"And what happened when you got upstairs?"
"We goes up to the Blue Drawing-room and there was the Master, standing in front of the fire lifting his coat-tails to warm his backside, and her Ladyship standing a little way off, trying to ignore the fact that her backside was about to get warmed too. `Ah, Stevens,` says she, `I am to be chastised. Sir Roderick feels that my offence calls for a salutary fustigation, so go and fetch a long crop from the stables. And Nancy, please help me out of my clothes in readiness for correction.`"
Peg could not contain herself. "You mean she had to take it on the bare?" she interrupted, breathless with excitement.
"Yes, bare as a babe, or at any rate the part that mattered. I helped her off with her gown and petticoats until she stood in just her corset and chemise."
"What! Nothing else? No drawers?"
"Why, she still wore her silk stockings and little pumps with heels, but she never held with drawers, and most Ladies still don`t. Nasty modern French things they are and no good is likely to come to girls what wear them. I hope you`ve got no uppity ideas about wearing drawers, my girl." admonished the older woman.
"Oh no, I knows me place," answered the girl, placatingly. "but I thought all the fine ladies were wearing them now."
"Not all even now, some holds to decent ways still. Anyway, as I was saying, there`s her Ladyship, standing in her stays and chemise. She was, still is for that, a very fine figure of a woman, not yet thirty at that time, tall, slim but with good meat in all the right places, as you could see, as she had on the very finest of silk chemises, it being worn under evening dress, and cut very low, relying on the lace at the top of her decolletage to keep her nipples covered, so now they peeped above the corset top and gave her away.
"She had been standing all unconcerned, as if just undressing to go to bed, rather than to be whipped, for it`s not done for ladies to show their feelings, but her fine pink teats had hardened with her fear of what was coming. even though her beautiful face showed nothing but indifference as we all stood and waited."
Arabella was agog to hear more, and so it seemed was young Peg, who could not restrain her curiosity.
"So what happened next?" she burst out.
The excitement of her tale was beginning to affect the teller too.
"After a few minutes the Butler returned bringing a very vicious whalebone whip, about three feet long, with a plaited leather grip. At the sight of it Milady`s expression didn`t change, but I could see that she turned a little pale.


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