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"Sir Roderick waved one hand at Mr. Stevens. `Madam is to have two dozen,` says he, `Well laid on. None of the tickles you give the maids. This is a strong, well bred woman and she needs a full blooded whipping. I want her to feel proper contrition, preferably in her arse and for at least a week, whenever she sits.`
`Very good, Sir Roderick,` says the butler, `Would you be good enough to take up your position, Milady, if you please?`"
Peg could not contain her astonishment. "You mean to say the Butler was to do it?"
"Oh yes. Sir Roderick never did anything for himself, other than at sport or in bed. He often said it was the duty of rich men to let their servants do everything, to give them employment."
"But what did her Ladyship think?" persisted Peg. "Surely she objected to the Butler using the whip on her?"
"Oh no. She was a General`s daughter, and had been brought up to accept duty and discipline, and unquestioning obedience to one`s superior officer, which meant, in her case, her husband. She would never have questioned his authority, and especially," Nan added with emphasis," not in front of the servants."
"She must have been a bit of a mouse." sniffed Peg.
"Not on your life." Nan defended her Lady indignantly." She was the most spirited and lively person you ever met, but she believed in discipline and order, and the Quality setting an example for lesser folks."
"All right. Don`t take offence," said Peg, quickly, "I know how much you respected her. One thing about having the butler do it, he`d hold back a bit, her being a Lady an` all, so she`d be better off than if Sir Roderick did it himself."
"Don`t you believe it, my girl," came the reply, "Mr. Stevens was a very strong man, with a wrist on him like a steel spring, and he kept it in trim on our backsides. He carried out all the punishments in the servant`s hall personally, and I can tell you I blubbed like a baby every time he did me." Peg looked suitably respectful for, before she gave it up, the older woman had done very well in the periodical village whipping contests, and had a reputation as a `good stayer`.
"And what`s more," Nan continued, "he was Sir Roderick`s man, not her Ladyship`s, and would consider it his duty to carry out his Master`s instructions to the letter. Besides, I do believe he enjoyed it the more that it was an upperclass arse he was carving."
"So what happened then?"
"Her Ladyship walked across the room, as calm as you please, as if she was going to greet a guest, rather than get a whipping, while Mr. Stevens stood testing the whip by flexing it in his hands and cutting it through the air. It made a wicked sound but Milady didn`t blink an eyelid. She went up to a chaise longue with a high roll end, and bent herself over it. You can tell how lissom and bendy she was, because, even in the stiff corset she wore, she was able to put her forehead on her crossed arms on the seat. Mind you, it pulled her right up until her weight was on her toes. `Lift that rag, girl` says the Master to me, `I want to see how the meat cooks.` So I ups and turns the tail of the chemise over her back."
"You mean it was really on the bare, like we gets it?" asked Peg.
"Like a skinned rabbit, although there was nothing rabbity about Milady. A lovely rump, full, rounded, a nice deep crack between her behinds and a little overhang just at the top of the thighs, flattened out now because of the way she was bending, but you could still make out the crease. `Now Madam` says the Master, `You may reflect on whether your moment of play with young Stenbrough was worth the price, and, perhaps, next time you`re tempted you`ll count the cost first. Carry on, Stevens, and make it tight.` At that Mr. Stevens lifts the whalebone and brings it flashing down to land two inches above that delicate crease, just where the flesh is tenderest, as I`ve no doubt your mother has taught you the feel of it."

"Oo, hasn`t she just." Peg had a shiver in her tone. "She gets me just there every time if she can, and it makes you want to curl up and die."
"Well, her Ladyship didn`t move or make a sound and we all stood and watched while a deep red welt started to grow on her white flesh. Before it had reached its darkest hue, when the pain must have been reaching its height, the second stroke cut in, just below the first. Again Milady didn`t move, though I heard her suck in her breath. The new welt darkened, while the first was now a purple rope, and then the third stroke fell, burrowing into the very crease itself. Milady gasped and seemed to groan a little, as the after pain rolled in."
"She must have been very brave. I reckon I`d be screaming my guts out with a whip like that in my crease." There was admiration in Peg`s voice, a sentiment shared by the silent listener. "How long did she keep that up?"
Nancy considered. "I guess she did no more than grunt and moan while seven or eight full blooded cuts sank into her underbuttock. Mr. Stevens had a marksman`s eye, I think it`s because he has had so much practice. Sir Roderick sometimes took him up to their London house, and there, I`ve heard, he chastised his Mistress as well as his wife. At any rate, the eight welts were so close they ran all together so you couldn`t make out the lines. It was just one thick purple bruise, two inches wide, and he kept right on hitting into the same place. Now she couldn`t keep back her cries, though she wouldn`t give in altogether and bit each off as it came from her throat. As the toll mounted, she felt the after agony more and more keenly, and a mewling noise, like a hurt kitten, came from her twisting mouth."
"And did she not move at all? How could she stay still under such torment?" asked the girl.
"Indeed," said Nancy." she did no more than flinch slightly as the stroke hit, and fret her thighs together after as the pain mounted, and held out so until the fourteenth blow. It caught her very low, on the bottom edge of the slowly spreading wound, more on the thigh than the buttock. The cry forced from her throat was not much greater than she had conceded before but, as the pain flooded in, she groaned and slowly straightened, her hands going back to clasp her wounded arse, her spine arched back in a bow of agony. I could see her poor lips bitten till they bled where she`d tried to control her cries."
Arabella shuddered at the thought of what sort of pain could force a proud woman to capitulate like that, and wondered if she was penalised for her weakness. A similar thought seemed to have struck young Peggy.
"Did Sir Roderick make her get back down? Ma`s awful strict with me, and I gets extra if I get up."
"And so did her Ladyship." Nancy replied." Back down she had to go and I was told to stand at her head, and make sure she didn`t get up again before time. I had to kneel on the seat of the chaise, with her forehead resting on my thighs, and press on her shoulders with my hands. The Master awarded her two extra strokes for getting up without permission. I think the shame of her weakness, as it seemed to her, quite undermined her strength, for from then on she cried out at every stroke and sobbed between, but she did not try to rise again and she refused to beg for mercy."
"And did she have to go to the very end, then? Did Sir Roderick not take pity on her?" questioned Peg, although Arabella could have told her it was not in the man`s nature to show mercy.
"Yes, to the bitter end. Twenty six brutal cuts with that fiendish whip, and no mercy shown. I doubt though that she would have welcomed any letting off. I reckon she would think it demeaning not to have been made to see it through. When it was over, she was made to kneel and kiss the rod, thanking Sir Roderick, through her sobs, for having her corrected as she deserved. He left the room, taking Stevens with him, while I remained to take care of her Ladyship. She was still a little distressed, but rapidly gaining control of herself, though tears and worse stained her cheeks, while the blood ran down her thighs, especially on the right, where the tip of the whip had cut the skin clean open. Across the lower part of her buttock there ran a dark swollen oozing mass, now nearer four inches wide and raised fully the thickness of a finger. I gathered up her clothes and lent her a shoulder to support her, as she limped painfully up to her room, where I washed her wound and put her in her night rail."
"Was she always punished so strictly, do you think?"
"I think not. The next day she put a brave face on it and went about her day as if nothing had happened, but she limped noticeably, and I hadn`t seen that before, and it was a week before she could sit a horse again. I don`t know how she fared after, for three months later Tom fetched me away here. Still you must admit that some fine Ladies can take a whipping."


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