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Now that the ice was broken, the remaining bridesmaids lost no time in claiming their turn to straddle the flames, amid squeals and yelps, partly of excitement, sometimes at a particularly fiery kiss. As Esmeralda had predicted, a scent of burnt hair came to their nostrils.
As the last bridesmaid made her run, a young woman from the crowd took her place, and others ran forward to form a line.
"Come on," cried Esmeralda, seizing Arabella by the hand and dragging her towards the line, "everyone must jump to bring the bride good luck, and babies."
Wondering just what she was letting herself in for this time, but game for anything, Arabella ran with her, kicking off her shoes as she went, for all the other women were barefoot. When her turn came, she sprang forward, holding up her skirts, feeling the cool evening air on her bare buttocks and thighs. Leaping, as she`d seen the others do, she landed with her left foot on a block, and swung her right leg to stand momentarily straddled across the fire. At that instant it dawned on her why some many of her predecessors had worn a comically dismayed expression at this point. The only way to get off the blocks was to lean forward, crouching, to gather herself to spring, and thereby present her hairy crotch to the fiery kiss of the flames, a moth to the candle or, rather, tinder to the spark. Even as she did so, a little impish breeze fanned the orange tongues, so that they surged upwards and licked hungrily at her bared and opened woman`s parts, stinging and smarting.
With a undignified squeal, she leapt to safety, the scent of burnt thatch in her nostrils, and stood before the pinioned bride. She pressed her bare belly against the bride`s own, and kissed her full on a mouth moistened by tears, and the contributions of the score of women who had kissed it before her. She was surprised at the warmth with which the woman responded to her lips, and the happy smile and murmur of thanks as she broke the embrace.
She had been nearly the last to jump the fire, and now food and drink was produced. Arabella had expected Tanya to be taken off by her new husband to commence her duties between his sheets, but instead when she was released, she came to join the party, still bare to the waist, and proudly displaying her stripes and the black diamond burnt deep into the underside of her breast.
The fiddler was joined by a piper, and together they played for the young people to dance, their movements voluptuous, if not downright erotic. Arabella pointed out several couples slipping away to the bushes, and remarked to Esmeralda that there would be even more burnt hair at the next wedding, as several maidenheads seemed about to be burst.
"A few," she replied, "but most will be very careful. Those who are already promised to bear a man`s whip and brand in the next few months may risk it, but not the others. Our people are very hard with girls who get swollen bellies without being owned by a man. Of course," she went on, "she may get the father of the child to marry her, but most men won`t touch damaged goods, even if they did the damage themselves and, if she hasn`t some big brothers, or other kin, who can reinforce their argument with a horsewhip, or even a horse pistol, she hasn`t a chance. The tribe will keep the baby, and bring it up in some family, but the poor girl will be driven out and probably end up on the streets of some town, and eventually in some ditch."
Arabella shuddered at the cruelty implied, but soon the music and the drink, and general goodfellowship, livened her mood again. It was very late when the revels slowed to a stop, too late to return home or find accommodation at an inn, so she was relieved when Esmeralda invited her to stay the night in her caravan. She exclaimed, delightedly, at the tiny decorated interior, with so much packed into such a tiny space, a place for everything, and at the bed, tucked into a cupboard across one end of the cart. The two girls stripped, and crept into the soft warm interior which had just space for them if they lay close wrapped in each other`s arms.

She woke to daylight, the bustle of the camp, and a warm naked body pressed to her own. Sleepily, the two girls rose and dressed, Arabella conscious of a certain sore redness between her thighs where the flames had licked, and the charred ends of her thatch, reduced to mere stubble in places. Breakfasted, they went to join the throng that was regathering about the embers of last night`s bonfire. It seemed that the whole tribe was going across the hills to escort the bride back to her new husband`s people. There was some doubt about the propriety of taking Arabella with them. She had been accepted readily by them, principally because of the service she had rendered to the footsore Esmeralda but it was another matter to introduce her to another tribe, without invitation. When she learnt that Carlotta would be staying behind to look after the animals, Arabella solved their dilemma by volunteering to stay behind too, and keep her company. She had her own doubts about going with a company of Gypsies through the market town they must traverse, with the possibility of being recognised by some of her own kind and besides, she welcomed the opportunity to get to know the fiery Carlotta, and learn something of the life of the Gypsy women, to go with what Pete had told her about the men.
But, when the others had left, and she tried to enquire about the woman`s life and history, she found herself in difficulties. The woman was wary and hostile, and seemed intent on questioning her about her relationship with her husband, where she had met him, what she thought of him, and so forth. It seemed to her that, whatever reply she might make, it would be interpreted in the wrong way and eventually she gave up and went to sit under the shade of a tree where, over supplied with excitement the previous evening, and under supplied with rest, in Esmeralda`s narrow bed she dozed off.
She was wakened by hands pulling on her arms. Before she could collect herself, they had been dragged behind her and tightly bound. Carlotta came round to her front and quickly fastened her ankles with a hobble rope which prevented her from making a run for it, which the expression in the dark eyes suggested might be her wisest course, but left her able to take tiny balanced steps.
"You can shout all you like," her captor said, "there`s no one to hear you and, even if some stranger were to come within earshot, no one in these parts would interfere with a Gypsy woman getting her desserts, for that`s what he`d think it be."
Arabella shrank away as Carlotta produced a wicked looking little knife, but it was not for her face or her throat. With deft movements the Gypsy cut through the top of her gown and the chemise beneath, slitting the sleeves until she was bare to her waist.
"Well now, fine ladies are just the same on top as us common women," mocked the dark eyed beauty, "I already knew you were the same below from when you were toasting it over the fire last night."
A strong brown finger and thumb closed on a pink nipple, squeezing it painfully.
"On your feet, bitch, and follow me."
With her teat gripped in a vice tight hold, the thumb nail digging in deep, she had no option but to obey, if she did not wish her tender bud to be wrenched off her chest. Carlotta led her towards the site of the previous night`s rites. The frame still stood, black and solid, beside the revived fire and to her horror, Arabella saw that the long metal handle of a branding iron stood out of the coals.
"So you think you can follow my man from the market, and throw yourself at him here, do you?" the Gypsy almost screamed at her, in her rage, "I paid dearly to get him, with my back and my breast to the whip and the iron. Let`s see how you like the price, though I doubt he`ll want you when I put the iron to your cheek."
Arabella gasped in horror at this threat, and tried to convince the woman that she had never had designs on her man, but all in vain. Her mind was made up that Arabella had set her cap at Pete, and she was going to see she suffered for it. Helpless to resist, she was put to the triangle and stretched out so taut as to be a torture in itself, the ropes digging into her wrists as her widely parted feet barely touched toe to ground, and her naked breasts scraped painfully on the rough wood.
She looked over her shoulder to see Carlotta raising a brutal looking whip, thick oily black leather, much heavier than the one that had cut Tanya at this same triangle, a weapon more suited to oxen than a woman`s flesh. She closed her eyes and waited, her body tensed with fear.
"How old are you, bitch? You`d better tell me true, or I`ll add some to be sure."
Arabella heeded the warning, and admitted to twenty-five.


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