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The emptying of her bladder in public had been traumatic, but now she could feel worse building. She`d hoped to hold out until sundown, but the effects of the unaccustomed rough local wine, and, particularly the pungent soft cheese she had been given for breakfast on the cart, would not be denied. Cramps began to wring her belly and she clenched her sphincter repeatedly to keep its burden from forcing her anus, Her step faltered, and the lad remembered his duty. Blows fell across her shoulders and backside, and she could no longer resist. From the latter extruded a long brown disgrace. She groaned inwardly at the crowd`s mirth, and even more as her circling course led her bare feet back to tramp through her own excrement.
On and on. Would it never end? She hurt, she stank, she ached with fatigue, almost as much as from Carlo`s whipping and the driver`s stick. Her soft white feet, unaccustomed to walking unshod, were sore and bleeding, and covered in her own filth, her arms were in agony, secured to the pole above her shoulders, and her head reeled.
But now the sun was lowering in the sky. At the last break the mill`s owner had returned, as had many of the villages and, for the dying minutes of the sun, and of her ordeal, thrashed her continuously into further effort; it was probable that, without this last cruel stimulus, Arabella would have collapsed before the light.
As it was, when she was released from her harness and gag, she did collapse, and lay prostrate on the floor of the donkey mill. Someone threw a bucket of water over her, another forced crude local brandy down her throat, a third found her gown, and got it over her head. Between their attentions, they restored enough life to her so she could be supported to Guido`s cart, and laid on sacking in the bed.
She remembered little of the journey, drifting in and out of consciousness all the way. Very late, Guido delivered her senseless form, half covered by her soiled gown, to a disapproving housekeeper, and fled lest he be held responsible for her state. Later still, her body bathed, and her bruises oiled, she was laid beside a sleeping Julietta, exhausted from screaming her agony at her nightly encounter with Donna Magdala`s rod.
For two days she kept to their room, mending her battered body and rebuilding her self-esteem after the degradation it had suffered at the mill. During the day, Julietta prised from her all the humiliating details of her experience, until in the telling the nightmare became something she could face and live with, without being overwhelmed by shame. In the evenings shet ried, in return, to bolster Julietta`s courage as the time for her six screams under the rod approached, and was ready, with
soft hands and softer lips to soothe her hurts when she returned, and calm her twitching body with her own warm person, laid alongside her in the bed they shared,
On the third day, Julietta came back from visiting relatives with the news that Carlo would be leaving in a few days.
"I shall miss you dearly," she said, after she had delivered her news, "you have been such a comfort to me these last few days. I don`t think I could have got started on this terrible course that Donna Magdala has set me without your support. Now I am beginning to learn to cope, though I still cry out a little at every stroke, but my control is getting better. That, I think," she speculated, "must be the purpose that Aunt Magdala had in mind when she devised it. There is much comfort in knowing someone cares strongly about you, as you must find with Uncle Carlo."
Arabella looked at her in astonishment.
"Care for me?" she exclaimed. "How can you think such a thing, after all he has put me through, and his absence these last days?"
"How can you doubt it? Do you think he would have been so strict, or so uncompromising with a lesser person, or one he cared for less? He would have sent them quietly home, with polite murmurs and good wishes for the future, and never seen them again. But you," she continued, pointing one emphatic finger at her friend, "you he dealt with as if you were already a Petraverdi woman, and made your punishment worthy of you."

She relaxed back in her seat.
"As to his absenting himself, that was partly consideration for your feelings, and partly pressure of business, for he`s had a stream of visitors these last few days. Though I doubt they would have kept him away on their own." she added. "In any case, that will soon be remedied, as he proposes to pay us a visit in half an hour."
Arabella`s head swam.
`Cared enough to punish her worthily.`
`A Petraverdi woman already.` What did it imply? And then
`Half an hour!`
"Quick, Julietta, send for the maid. He`ll be here in half an hour, and I look a sorry mess."
Julietta looked at her and burst out laughing.
"Why, you are just a little girl after all, all flustered when her beau is due."
"Nonsense," said Arabella, stiffly, "it`s just that it would be bad manners to receive him in such disarray." But she blushed all the same.
When Carlo duly appeared, Julietta make some transparent excuse, and left them together.
"I hope you are recovered now, in some degree," he said, "I would have come to see you earlier but, not only have I had some important visitors, but I thought it better you had a little time to compose your mind before we met again. "
"Thank you for that. I am more composed now, and can see the justice, and appropriateness of my punishment." She looked up at him, with a half smile. "And feel them still, as well."
"I don`t doubt it, " he replied, "they would have been worth little if you had forgotten your stripes already, or your degradations at the village."
"What did he know of them?" she wondered, and blushed again.
Aloud she asked "Is it true that you are leaving soon?"
"Yes. In two days. My business these last few days demands that I go to London, and I shall deliver you safe to your brother on the way."
Safe! Was that really the best description of her, with her lacerated bottom and sore feet, to say nothing of her mental abrasions? But yes, she was safe; saved from herself, and her self-destructive impulses. She could feel the guiding rein almost as physically as the whip.
When Julietta returned she found her friend wrapped in thought.
"So, when do you have to leave?"
"In two days` time."
"So soon. I shall miss you, Arabella."
"And I you." Arabella hesitated. "You once offered to ring my nipples for me. It would make a nice souvenir. Would you do it for me today?"
That evening, in the privacy of their room, Arabella threw off her peignoir and sat on the bed, her hands clasped nervously behind her back, thrusting out her breasts, and keeping her fingers from the temptation to fly up and shield her vulnerable pink points as they hardened under the influence of erotic apprehension. For Julietta stood before her and, on the bedside stand lay ring and cork and a fearsome needle, set in a wood handle.
Julietta soaked a piece of cambric in eau de Cologne and swabbed the tense nipples.
"I`ve always felt they should be made pink and clean before the needle goes through," she remarked, "besides, the cold spirit makes them harden delightfully."
Arabella flinched slightly from the cold touch, but held herself steady as Julietta pressed a cork to the side of her left nipple and set the point of the mounted needle directly opposite.
"It would be easier for you if I were to jab quickly, and pierce your bud instantly, but I could not guarantee to keep the needle absolutely level, and it would be a shame to have your rings anything lest than perfectly positioned." She looked Arabella directly in the eye. "If I thrust the point through steadily, I can be more certain of a pleasing result."
Arabella bit her lip.
"Then you must take your time and give me a nicely balanced pair."
The needle point indented the tender pink skin on the side of the near rigid teat. The dimple deepened as Arabella`s body tensed against the growing pain and then, with a sudden surprisingly meaty sound, the needle burst through the thickness of the nubbin to drive into the cork on the other side.


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