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The shock of the deep impalement, momentary relief, as the fist stretch of the sphincter relaxed to mere wrist, and then an extraordinary atrocious, stomach-churning, nerve-stretching sensation, for the woman had opened her fingers within the crammed rectum, and was groping among the organs packed behind the taut and now distended belly. Nothing had prepared Arabella for this mixture of agony and over-stimulation, and she howled in her distress.
The woman laughed, and passed her other hand between
Arabella`s thighs again to caress the vulva she had so savagely lacerated a few minutes before.
"What have we here?" she remarked in a tone of surprise as her fingers found the ring in the clitoris. "For your gentleman callers to see if anyone`s at home?" She gave a savage tug. "Ah, yes. A she-cat on heat by the sound of it." as Arabella shrieked with pain. "Well, now I`ve rung your bell, and we`ve shaken hands, I`d best be off before Randolph catches me with his best toy; I woudn`t want him to get me to take your place. Don`t bother to show me the door, I can find my own way out." And she pulled her hand free in one strong movement, almost turning the poor over-wrought sphincter inside-out, and drawing another agonized wail. When Lord Randolph returned from saying Adieu to the cronies with whom he had shared his prize, she was only semi-concious in her bonds.

Arabella had returned in a state of collapse from her third visit to fulfil her demonic contract with her uncle. For days she could neither sit nor shit in anything but agony, while her vulva, and especially her clitoris, throbbed and ached continually as a result of the unknown woman`s attentions, but time heals most things, except perhaps apprehensions. Time, though, also passes and the time had come again, for another instalment to be paid. Her body was still bruised in places, deep down, though small traces only showed on her skin but, inside more than her flesh was bruised. She awaited his summons, and his carriage, with mounting dread. What new turn of the screw of suffering did he plan for her now? She would not run from it, for Carlo`s sake, but her flesh cringed.
Dressed only in gown and corset, she stood before him in the big study room, her mouth set firm, but her limbs trembling, feeling the grease oozing from her anus and hoping it would serve.
"You have courage, Arabella, to come again after our last meeting."
"I have made my bargain, Sir, and I shall honour it, for the Count`s sake," she replied, and pulled her gown over her head to stand half-naked before rim.
"Well, I have made a bargain too, and I shall keep it. Put on your gown, you owe me nothing." He laughed at her confusion. "No. It is no trick. According to the reports that reach me, your Count is safe from his enemies, and you have no need to buy him extra time."
"Is this really so?" she gasped, nearly overcome by relief for Carlo and the lifting of the ordeal she had so dreaded.
"It seems certain," replied her Uncle, "and, if it should prove premature, you have my word that I shall take all necessary steps to protect him against any unforseen threat without calling on you to pay the price."
Arabella`s head swam.
"I do not understand. I have come to you, naked and
prepared, and ready to submit to you, and you are letting me go?"
"Ah! You see, I am a man of honour, though the code I live by may seem strange to you. I drive a hard bargain, where I can, as you have found to your cost, but I never renege on a deal or try to get more than I have contracted for. To have taken advantage of your ignorance of the change in the Count`s fortunes would have offended against my personal code."
He paused and looked at the trembling girl in front of him who, despite her terrible experiences at his hands, had still come back to face him again.

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"Besides, not only have you given great pleasure, and satisfied the desire I have had for you these ten years or more, but you have shown yourself to be a brave young woman, and I salute you for that.
"No doubt you will remember me with fear and loathing, but I will remember you with affection, mixed with pleasure and respect, some jealousy too, of your Count. Not many men can inspire a woman of your worth to sacrifice themselves, as you have done for him."
It was too much, too much! How could she cope with this man who had hurt and degraded her so badly, and now stood before her talking of honour, courage and respect. She had to fight hard for her sanity, to draw back from thanking him, from throwing herself at his feet, near naked as she was, and offering herself to his lust. She pulled herself together, and dispelled the madness. Without waiting to put on her gown, she gathered it to her, and walked from the room with head held high to seek the carriage that would take her home.
Carlo did not call for several days. Anticipating another crippling assault on her body, and the need to let her buttocks and anus recover before she could receive visitors, she had given out that she would be leaving town for a few days to visit relatives, but now her fictitious visit was over and the Count came to pay his respects. More than that, to propose marriage!
"You must know with what deep affection I regard you," he declared, "I could not ask you, while I stood to be disgraced, or worse, but now that cloud has been finally lifted. In fact I heard from your so kindly uncle -" Arabella shivered at the name" only this morning that, not only was the matter cleared up beyond all doubt, but I stand to make a modest gain from the deal, but that is as nothing to the gain of being able to
approach you freely, and ask you to be my Countess." Arabella looked at him without replying. Was this to be the end of her quest for adventure, marriage, like Mary and Louise and so many other of her cousins and friends? She needed a man, a lover, a hand on her bridle, that she knew, but a husband? Besides there were possible impediments. Certainly she must clear them out of the way before things could go any further.
"Carlo, I love you, I recognise that now, and I`ll be your lover on any terms you`ll have me, but you cannot offer me marriage until you know something more about me." She hesitated, her usual confidence replaced by unnatural shyness that she would have felt with no other.
"I am no virgin, though I have had no man in my belly since I first met you."
"It does not shock me that a young woman of your passionate spirit should have known the arms of a lover. I do not need a virgin bride, I have had that blessing, and a virtuous wife and mother,who gave me heirs, and then left me, sad but not broken hearted. Now I see the chance of a rare companion, beautiful, brave and headstrong, who needs my hand on her, to be herself. I do not wish to cage you in a marriage, but to give you an eyrie from which to fly."
She nodded, accepting his estimate of her, then held his eye again.
"There is something more you must know," she said, with a firmness of voice that belied the fears chasing through her mind, and she told him of how she had bought his freedom, of how she had given her body to be whipped and penetrated, how a dozen unknown men had forced her anus, even of the woman who had thrust her fist into her guts. Could he take a woman so violated, could he accept that he, a proud Sicilian, had been ransomed by the price of a woman`s body, the woman he planned to marry, above all could he forgive her for her independent action, keeping him in the dark, so that he could not countermand her? She had her answer swiftly enough.
"My dear, brave Arabella. What a woman! You endured that for me, and all I offer you in return is my name. And my love," he added, "and my care. They are not worthy of you, but I ask you to accept them, all the same."
Clasped in his arms, she could at first make no reply. When, minutes later, she finally freed her mouth from his, it was to say, resignedly
"When we are married, you will have to be very strict with me. Left to run wild, I seem to do nothing but get into one scrape after another, each worse than the one before."
They were married, as tradition decreed, at the bride`s family home. A handful of Petraverdis from Paris and Vienna and a score of Arabella`s closest relatives, were sufficient to fill the tiny private chapel. Among them was Arabella`s Uncle Randolph, whose grave look she returned equally gravely, for her resentment and hurt had faded with time, and she wanted no resurgence of them at her wedding day. By his side stood his elegant and aristocratic young wife.


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