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Carlo returned after six weeks. By then her period and come and gone, quite normally, taking with it the nagging fear that she might have conceived, that had haunted her ever since that fearful night when she had sacrificed herself to save the honour of the Petraverdis and the blood of both houses. Her wounds had healed cleanly, as women will in such places, and she was ready for his caresses when he came to her the first night of his return. But first she had to make confession.
He found her, not in her bed, her arms outstretched for him, but kneeling in a position of submission. Before she could greet him as a lover, she must address him as her Lord and Master.
"My Lord, much as I ache for your arms after all these weeks of your absence, there is something you must know, and forgive, before I can be yours freely,"
With bowed head she recited all that had befallen that time just after his departure, the rape of the Malcardi girl, the threatened feud, how she had negotiated with Donna Isabella to avoid the seemingly inevitable blood-shed, and how she had paid the price by shedding her own.
He listened to her without interruption, though his features tightened when she told how she`d agreed to risk her belly being swollen with Malcardi seed. Finally her tale was told.
"As you can see, I am none the worse, and all is well. My belly will not swell with that night`s doings, and my body is clean and fit to serve you in love."
"You took too much upon yourself," he said at length, "You should have taken it to one of the remaining Petraverdi men in my absence."
"There were none but boys left. And Uncle Juilio," she added, "but what help would that poor old dear have been? How could he have let the Count`s wife go to the Malcardis like that? He could only have forbidden it, and the gutters of Palermo would have run with blood. Besides, it was in a sense, women`s work. A woman was the victim, and another had to suffer to wipe out the affront."
"You are wrong, it was men`s affair, since the women are the responsibility of their Fathers and husbands, and the men`s honour is stained. Besides, you cannot go unpunished for risking all that I hold most dear in the world."
He sighed.
"Ah. Bella, Bella, how am I gong to keep you from yourself? You are your own worst enemy. You need an anchor for your rash spirit still. Fetch me your rod but, first, take out that sponge you use to seal your womb. I had not thought to breed you yet, I have heirs enough, but perhaps the time has come."
With head still bowed, she put her fingers to her moist, engorged vulva and withdrew the sopping wad, then rose on unsteady feet and went to seek the black whalebone length that was her chief discipline.


It was a lovely day, although it was November again, just exactly a year since Arabella had first landed in Sicily could all that had happened to her really have been packed into only twelve months? and now she was going with Carlo to the Catherdral, dressed in her stylish best, letting the crowds see her blooming beauty, and sumptuous finery in the open carriage that the mild day permitted, for this was an important ocasion in the city.
They were going to a wedding to unite two of the greatest clans in the island for, when Carlo had returned, he had brought with him the impetuous young man whose sexual assault of the young Malcardi virgin had so nearly led to blood shed, had indeed done so in one woman`s case, thought Arabella, squirming at the memory. By some obscure chance, the young couple had met again, and had discovered a passion for each other so intense that nothing would satisfy them but to get married immediately, so as to slake their lust between the sheets of a conjugal bed.
When their respective families had recovered from the shock, they greeted the idea enthusiastically, swearing great oaths ofeternal friendship, declaring that their tribes had always been allies, and that this new bond would only serve to bring even closer the historic friendship between them, and much more to the same effect. Arabella had listened to them, remembering how near they had come to outright war, and thinking, ruefully, that if she had only known, her sacrifice had been unnecessary, and Carlo`s subsequent punishnent avoidable.

For he had cut her deep. Though he had comforted her after, with his arms and his penis, he had first reduced her to a mewling cringing animal, its voice hoarse from screaming, its buttocks streaming blood from a solid mass of livid, welted flesh. Twice she had fallen from the table over which he had bent her, and twice he had driven her back with the whiplash of his tongue, to cut again and again into her livid nether cheeks. Even now, two months later, her wounds showed, and she would carry thin white scars for many years to come.
And his other disciplinary measure had gone deep, too. She had missed two periods already, and was conscious of the first subtle changes in her body. This correction would not reach its climax for another seven months or so yet, and its effects would last a lifetime. Well, perhaps she had deserved it . Certainly she needed steadyiny, but could one small baby curb her impulsive and adventurous nature. Only time could tell.


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