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For as long as I can remember, I've liked to dress as a girl, especially as a little girl, either in a cute little frock, or in one of the local girl's school uniforms. But being slightly masochistic as well, I also like to include some bondage, so that once dressed up like a girl, I can be rendered helpless and unable to remove any of my girl's clothing. Fortunately (or in this case, unfortunately), when I was 18, I had a sadistically inclined girl friend who had an inventively wicked sense of humour, and she was delighted to oblige me by putting me into some horrendously humiliating situations. Fiona used to get up to all sorts of tricks, and on one occasion, I really fell into it up to my neck.

I was about to discover that reality can be much more unpleasant than fantasy.

Knowing me as a risk taker, she dared me one day to allow her to dress me in her school uniform and take me into town to meet a friend of hers. She was slightly taller than me, so we both knew that it would fit me quite easily. Not being one to refuse a challenge, I foolishly agreed. (If I'd known what was to happen, I'd have had second thoughts).

But the following Saturday morning, I arrived at her house promptly at 9 o'clock to be prepared for my 'ordeal'. She opened the door and smiled as she said, 'Everybody else is away for the weekend, so we won't be disturbed while I get you ready. Come on up to my room.' As we climbed the stairs, she said, 'My school uniform's laid out all ready for you, and I've also borrowed a wig which will top it off nicely. I don't think I'll have any problem in changing you into a cute little schoolgirl.' I trembled with anticipation. We went into her room, and I gulped as I saw her school uniform hanging up on the wardrobe door.

'OK Jimmy,' she grinned, 'now just remember, you agreed to this. Get undressed.' Fiona and I had previously had sex a couple of times, so I wasn't bashful in removing all my clothes until I was standing before her completely naked. 'Right,' she said, 'Knickers first.' She held out a pair of her maroon school knickers and I stepped into them. She pulled them up to my waist and high up my legs, and the elastic felt tight around my thighs and waist.

'Now,' she chuckled, 'let's give you a nice little bust, shall we?' She picked up a 'teen first' white cotton bra, and passing my arms into it, fastened it closed behind me. Then she padded it out with two of her socks. 'Oh yes, very nice,' she giggled, 'quite the little teenager aren't you? Now, blouse next.' She took her crisp white school blouse off its hanger, put my arms into the sleeves, and buttoned it up to my neck, followed by her maroon and silver diagonally striped tie that she tied around my neck before turning down the collar of her blouse and tidying the knot. 'Now for one item that I really hate wearing,' said Fiona. 'My regulation school gym tunic. I'm going to love seeing you in this.'

She picked it up and held it with the back opening towards me. 'In you get,' she grinned. I stepped into the grey tunic and she pulled it up my body before putting my arms through the armholes. Then she stood behind me and fastened the buttons running up the back. Turning me around, she did up the buckle belt and secured the button which held the end of the belt in place. She put her hands up under the tunic and pulled my blouse and tie down neatly. Then she also smoothed down the hem of the tunic so that the pleated skirt hung properly. This student would not get a detention for sloppy dress.

'Right,' said Fiona, 'Sit down'. I sat on a chair, and she pulled a pair of white ankle socks onto my feet and turned them down neatly. On top of these came a pair of her brown T bar school strap shoes which she fastened on securely with the buckles at the side. Definitely a junior style, and designed not to come off.

'Now for your hair Jimmy,' she grinned, taking a mid brown pageboy style wig from its stand. 'You'll probably find this somewhat humiliating, but since I know that's what you like, I'm happy to oblige. I'm going to make you look really cute, and it will change your appearance completely. Sit up and keep your head straight.' I did as I was told, and she placed the wig firmly on my head and brushed it neatly into position. Standing back, she was obviously pleased with the change in my appearance. Dividing the wig into two bunches, and with the experience of having done her own hair when she was little, she deftly wound an elastic hair band tightly around the base of each bunch of hair so that they stuck out in an infantile fashion. Grinning, she said, 'And now for your hair ribbons.' Picking up a length of white ribbon, she wound it several times around the base of one of the bunches, and tied it carefully in a non-slip bow. Then she took the other ribbon and did the same to the other bunch to form a neat matching pair. Finally, she clipped two pink plastic hair slides firmly in place, one on either side of my head. They were in the form of small pink bows, and looked particularly dainty.

'There' Fiona smiled, 'Stand up and let's have a look at you.' I did as I was told, and she burst out laughing. 'Oh yes, that's delightful,' she grinned. 'What an absolutely adorable little junior schoolgirl! I think you look just perfect. Oh, and by the way, since you're dressed as a girl, you'd better have a new name. I was trying to think of an appropriate name for you the other day, and I came up with 'Jennifer' as a perfect name for a little girl, so Jennifer you will be. Cute, isn't it?' she chuckled as I blushed deeply, and I was beginning to have second thoughts about this whole crazy scheme. But I wasn't going to back out now.

Fiona stood back and looked at me. 'Right,' she smiled, 'Stand up, Jennifer.' I stood up as she took her maroon school blazer from its hanger and put my arms into the sleeves. She drew it up over my shoulders, and pulled down the sleeves of my blouse so that they came level with the cuffs of the blazer. Then she stepped back to admire her handiwork. 'There we are,' she said, smiling. 'Very nice. One little new girl, all ready for her first day at Sion Convent. You know, you really do look like a girl in that school uniform, and nobody would ever take you for a boy if they saw you walking down the street. As you are about to do,' she grinned. 'Have a look at yourself in the mirror.'

I looked at myself in the wardrobe's full-length mirror and saw that she was right. The uniform was slightly too big for me, giving exactly the impression of a junior schoolgirl. Fiona grinned. 'Well Jimmy, now you're going to find out what I have to go through for five days a week' she said, 'So for once, you can suffer just like me. I really do hate wearing my school uniform, but I must say you certainly make a convincing looking schoolgirl in it, so I think you'll do nicely. Come on, let's go downstairs and have a cup of coffee first, and then we can be off.' We went downstairs, and as I moved about I felt restricted in the confining bodice of the gym tunic.

As we sat down over a cup of coffee, Fiona explained what she had arranged. 'I'm going to take you into town to see my friend Angela,' she said. 'She owns a leather craft shop, and can make up just about anything to order. Knowing how much you like a little bit of bondage with your dressing up, I asked her to make up a couple of items for me to use on you. She's finished them, so today's the day when we are going to try them out on you. Won't that be fun?'

I was now beginning to get even more nervous about the whole idea, but certainly wasn't going to admit it. Besides, I knew that if I tried to call it off now, she would almost certainly tell all my friends about it, and that didn't bear thinking about.

Fiona must have been a mind reader. She suddenly went into the other room and came back a moment later. As she came into the room she said, 'Stand up Jimmy, will you?' I did so, and as I turned to face her, I was blinded by the flash of the camera she was holding. While I stood there stunned for a moment, she quickly took a couple more. Grinning triumphantly, she said, 'Excellent. That's my insurance to make sure you do just what I tell you from now on. If you don't, those photos will find their way onto your school notice board, and I'm sure you don't want that, do you?' I was speechless, and dumbly nodded. 'Good,' she laughed, 'Let's be going then, shall we?' She had me over a barrel and she knew it.

As she quickly rinsed our coffee cups, Fiona looked out of the window and saw that it was beginning to rain. 'Oh look,' she said, 'Rain. Good, that means that you'd better wear my school mackintosh, Jennifer. You'll really look cute in that.' She looked at me and smiled as she wiped her hands dry. 'Right,' she said, 'I'll just go and get it for you.'

She went out into the hall, took down her school mackintosh from a coat hook, and a moment later came back into the lounge with it. 'Here we are,' she gleefully said. 'Now you can experience what it's like to wear my lovely regulation school mackintosh. Mum makes me wear it every time it rains of course, even during the holidays, because it's so waterproof. I hate wearing it because it makes me look so utterly childish. So, on this occasion you can suffer as well for once.'

She chuckled as she held it up for me to look at. It was a typical, regulation style single-breasted girl's school mackintosh. Made of unlined light grey rubberised cotton, it was fitted with a buckle belt supported by two keepers attached to the mac, one on either side of the waist. From the shoulders hung an attached hood with a square top, a common style on girl's school raincoat hoods. The hood had a maroon lining, and tie tapes to secure it under the chin. Fiona held the mackintosh up for me to put on, and I obediently put my arms into the sleeves. Standing in front of me, she fastened the buttons up to my neck. Then she passed the belt through the buckle, pulled it tight around my waist, and did up the securing buttonhole at the end of the belt.

I stood there examining the very juvenile style mackintosh I was now wearing, and like the rest of the uniform, it was too large for me. The hem hung down about eight inches below my knees, and the cuffs of the sleeves came down to halfway along my fingers. Yes, I looked like a little girl all right. 'Now you can see why I hate wearing it' said Fiona. 'It would look fine on a little girl of about eight or ten, but by the time you are our age you feel like a total idiot wearing it. These mackintoshes also get really hot and sticky if the sun comes out, and we Sion girls are the laughing stock of the girls from other schools.'

We went out into the hall, and as she opened the door we saw that it had started raining more heavily. Looking at the downpour, Fiona said, 'Hang on a minute, I think we'd better put up your hood.' She pulled the mackintosh hood up over my head, and pulling the tapes tight, she fastened them under my chin in a bow before giving the hood a final tug forward around my face.

'There,' grinned Fiona, 'That'll keep you nice and snug. As snug as a bug in a rug!" Her giggle was loud. "My goodness Jimmy, you really do look sweet peeping out from under your hood like that. The very picture of a little girl. Now let's go!' She picked up an umbrella, and opening the door, propelled my unwilling body out into the rain before following me and locking the door behind her. As the door lock clicked shut, I realised that until Fiona let me back into the house, I was now stuck in her school uniform until she chose otherwise.

I nervously walked in the pouring rain down the path with her, through the front gate, and out onto the pavement. Immediately sensing my reticence to walk on into town dressed like this, Fiona grinned and said, 'Come along Jennifer, don't dawdle!' The wind blew the driving rain hard against my mackintosh, and I must admit that I was almost glad to be wearing it, even though the rain ran down it onto my bare legs and soaked my feet in their short ankle socks and little girl strap shoes. As we walked along, the hem of the wet mackintosh slapped against my bare legs, and the hood restricted my field of view. But it certainly hid my face, and there was no doubt that passers by assumed that I really was a Sion schoolgirl. For some reason this gave me a feeling of both humiliation and excitement at the same time.

Fiona talked as we went, and always remembered to call me Jennifer. I was a bit perturbed when she took me into a newsagent to buy a bar of chocolate, but the lady in the shop didn't even give me a second glance, so I knew that my appearance was convincing.

Eventually we reached Angela's craft shop, and went straight in. She was standing at the counter, and smiled as we walked up to her. 'Oh hi, Fiona,' she said. 'Glad you could make it.'

Fiona introduced me, telling Angela that I was to be called 'Jennifer', and it was clear that she had already told Angela all the details of my little 'hobby'.

'Well, I've finished everything you wanted me to make,' she replied. 'So I suggest we try them out on Jennifer now. Would you like that, Jenny?'

Like an idiot, I agreed a little too eagerly for my own good.

With a broad smile on her face, Angela said, 'All right then' as she reached under the counter and pulled out a package. She placed it in front of me and unwrapped it. 'It's called an armbinder' she lectured. 'And with good reason. It's specifically designed to make the wearer's arms completely helpless, and believe me, it's exquisitely effective.'

I looked at the armbinder with fascination. It was a single leather sleeve made to hold both the wearer's arms together. It tapered from its broad opening at the top end down to a rounded end, rather in the shape of a big sock. The armbinder draws a person's arms together behind their back not only wrist to wrist but elbow to elbow as well. Once fastened on, the wearer's hands and arms up as far as the shoulders become immovably wrapped in strong unyielding leather. There must have been 80 eyelets for the two thin cords that laced it closed from the bottom up to the opening at the top, plus two straps at the top which could be buckled over the shoulders, making it impossible to pull the sleeve down off the arms. It was a work of art, made with the same care and attention to detail that Angela always put into all her work.

'It's the first armbinder I've made' she proudly said. 'I got the design from that picture you gave me when you asked if I could make one.' She was referring to a photo from a bondage magazine Fiona had given her. 'Now,' said Angela, 'I want to make sure that it fits you properly Jennifer, and besides, you really are keen to try it out, aren't you?'

For the second time I agreed, but a slight feeling of apprehension was beginning to cross my mind. This was about to become fully justified.

'Good,' said Angela with a grin that I didn't like the look of. 'We'll use the storeroom behind the counter. It's nice and private, and no one will see you inside.' The idea of trying on the arm binder sent a nervous thrill of anticipation through me as we went into the dressing room, which was equipped with a large full-length mirror. 'Right Jennifer,' she said, indicating a stool in front of the mirror, 'take off your mack and sit down.' Fiona untied my hood, removed the wet mackintosh, and hung it up on a hook. Looking at the school blazer I was wearing, Angela said, 'And the blazer as well I think.'

Fiona removed it, so that my arms were now only covered by the sleeves of my crisp white blouse. I walked over to the stool and sat down, hands in my lap.

'Ok, hands behind please,' said Angela. I obediently put my arms behind my back and Fiona held them out straight, with my hands held together palm to palm. She slipped the device over my wrists and slid it up above my elbows. Beginning at the bottom end which encased my hands, she started to draw the thin cords tighter and tighter like a shoe lace, slowly working up toward my elbows. The tightening sleeve inexorably forced my arms together all the way up to my elbows, and then Angela continued tightening the laces higher and higher up the armbinder until she had reached the opening at the top of the arm binder, level with my armpits. When she was satisfied that my arms and hands were firmly bound together all the way up the unyielding thick leather sleeve, she tied the ends of the laces together in a secure non-slip double bow. Then she passed the straps attached to the top opening over my shoulders, crossed them over my chest, and pulled them back under my armpits before buckling them together behind my back. Finally, she buckled tight two more straps sewn onto the arm binder around my elbows and wrists. My arms were now completely immobilised, and I realised just how effective the armbinder was. I quietly grunted as I attempted to move my arms slightly within the confines of the thick leather sleeve, but I couldn't move them at all.

'Very good,' chuckled Angela as the girls stepped back to admire their handiwork. 'Now Jennifer, Fiona tells me that you're a real expert at escaping from her attempts to restrain you, so that's what this is all about. Let's see you try and get out of that.' She grinned as she looked at the armbinder. 'Oh yes,' she said, 'There's one more thing before I forget. While you try to get out of the armbinder, I want to make sure that you will be nice and quiet. I don't want any customers hearing you, and I think you just might start pleading to be let out of this after a while.'

'Good point,' said Fiona, thinking for a moment. Then her eyes lit up and she grinned. 'I know!' she said, 'What about that punishment pacifier you showed me? Have you still got it?'

'Of course,' giggled Angela, 'What a brilliant idea. Hang on, it's in here I think.' She went to a drawer, and took something out which she held up in front of me. It was an oversized baby's dummy with an oval blue plastic circular mouth cover and a yellow ring at the front. The large silicone rubber bulb was obviously designed to protrude into the mouth, and there were two long pink ribbons threaded through holes in the mouth cover of the dummy to secure it in place.

I stared at it in fascinated disbelief for a moment, and while I was preoccupied, Angela said, 'Just remove his wig for a moment and help me get it into his mouth, will you?'

Fiona grinned and nodded as she carefully removed my wig and laid it on the table. 'Now,' Angela said, 'open your mouth Jennifer.'

I closed my mouth tightly, reluctant to have the humiliating baby's dummy in my mouth.

'No?' said Angela, 'Going to be difficult are you? Well we'll see about that. Hold his nose Fiona. Ready? Right, now!' Fiona held my nose closed with her fingers, and as I inevitably opened my mouth to breathe, Angela quickly forced the huge rubber bulb of the dummy deep into my mouth, filling it completely. Fiona held my head still while Angela wound the dummy's securing ribbons tightly round the back of my head and to the front again several times before tying them in a non-slip bow at the back. Finally, Fiona picked up the wig, replaced it firmly on my head and brushed it tidily back in place. She finished off by rearranging my hair ribbons in neat bows again.

The additional frustration of being so humiliatingly gagged brought an automatic attempt to voice my protest, but with the silicon rubber bulb completely filling my mouth and holding down my tongue, all I could manage was a subdued, muffled 'Mmmmmmmmmf! Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmp!'

The girls laughed, and Angela chuckled, 'Oh yes, that'll keep Jennifer quiet all right. All right Jenny, you can stand up now. Let's see you try and get out of that, little girl.' They smiled in triumphant anticipation as I stood up and began to cautiously experiment with trying to wriggle out of the armbinder.

Suddenly, the shop's front door bell rang. 'Damn' muttered Angela, 'That must be a customer.' She left the room with Fiona, leaving me alone. I turned and walked to the mirror, and admired this ingenious device that was going to make my sessions with Fiona much more fun, or so I had thought. Now I wasn't so sure. So far we'd made do with rope, and since she's no boy scout when it comes to knots, I was usually able to free myself and ruin her fun. But now, things might be different. I turned my back to the mirror and made some preliminary attempts to free myself. How vulnerable and helpless I looked, especially dressed as a little junior schoolgirl. After a few minutes, I began to struggle in earnest, and began to panic as I realised that with the armbinder on, I really was helpless! Suddenly I hoped for the return of the girls so that they could release me from its unyielding grip.

After a little more writhing and squirming in front of the mirror, I began to wonder just what was taking them so long. I went to the slightly open door that led into the main shop, and with a little effort I managed to pull it open slightly. I looked out, but could hear or see no one. The shop was deserted! Starting to get worried, I peeked further into the store. I decided to call out, so placing my tongue against the large rubber bulb filling my mouth, I pushed and attempted to spit it out, but the unyielding ribbons wound tightly around my head ensured that the dummy remained firmly in my mouth. My heart started racing, and my fingers flexed inside their leather prison. Where were they? I stepped out into the shop and carefully looked around, confirming my greatest fear. I was alone. Suddenly fear turned to anger. Well, if they intended to just leave me here, I'd show them! There had to be a way of getting free, so that they would return to the shop to find the arm binder and dummy on the counter with a note saying that they couldn't hold me. No way. At least I'd have the last laugh, I thought. But first I had to get out of the arm binder.

I leaned forward and bit as hard as I could into the bulb of the dummy, hoping to bite it off. Hopeless. The tough silicone rubber bulb was specifically designed to resist the sharpest teeth and the strongest bite as it persistently filled my mouth and firmly held down my tongue. I worked my arms and strained hard against the arm binder. 'Mmmmmmmp! Mmmmmmmmmf!!!' The dummy muffled my every sound as I continued to twist and struggle trying to work my armbinder off. After a couple of minutes of straining and tugging, I stopped to rest, and walked over to a mirror to see what progress I was making. My heart sank as I saw that everything looked just as secure as when Angela had put it on me. This wouldn't do at all.

Once again I bit hard into the dummy and strained with all my might, twisting and squirming with everything I had. I even dropped to my knees trying frantically to work up some sort of leverage. My school gym tunic was almost up around my waist, and my face was getting flushed as I desperately pulled and twisted my arms trying to slip the armbinder off. I couldn't believe how hard this was, but surely I could figure something out! The strap buckles were unreachable, and the tight knot of the laces was also out of reach. But young and strong, I refused to give in. I even made an attempt to break the armbinder, but only succeeded in making it creak like a new leather shoe.

With a muffled groan of frustration I finally stopped struggling. My arms were now completely numb, and my legs were like jelly. I was totally and completely exhausted. My warm winter school uniform was getting damp with perspiration, and I was glad that they'd removed my mackintosh. With that on and the hood up, my struggles with the armbinder would have been far more uncomfortable and unbearably hot. The rubberised mac would have been like a sauna. I slowly got to my feet and again looked in the mirror. There I saw a scared little schoolgirl in a terrible predicament looking back at me, and there was nothing I could do.

Suddenly I heard a sound across the room, Oh no! I mustn't be seen, not like this! I ran back into the dressing room, and in a near panic, I accidentally shut the door behind me. I'd locked myself in! I heard footsteps approaching, and my heart was pounding. For the last time I gave it all I had. I strained and squirmed with a new energy. Twisting and working my arms in a frantic panic, I again struggled with the armbinder, and as a last resort I screamed into the dummy. 'Mmmmmmph! Mmm! Mmmmmmp!' I was defeated, and almost started to cry as the girls unlocked the door and came back into the storeroom.

Looking at me, Fiona grinned and said 'Well it certainly does seem to work, doesn't it? I think I'm in for a lot of fun from now on!'

Angela smiled broadly. 'Well Jennifer,' she said, 'Since you can't get out of that armbinder, you'll just have to keep it on, won't you? It's early closing day today, so we're going to take you round to my place for the afternoon to continue with our fun. However,' she grinned, untying the dummy and removing it from my aching mouth, 'We'll have to cover it up first won't we?'

I wiggled my jaw with relief, and wondered how she was going to hide that armbinder while we walked over to Angela's house.

I quickly found out.

With a smile on her face, Fiona picked up her mackintosh and draped it over my shoulders like a cape. Then she fastened all the buttons before pulling up the hood and tying the tie tapes securely under my chin. The empty sleeves hung down at my sides. 'There' she grinned, picking up her school blazer and putting it over her arm to carry, 'That should do the job nicely, I think.'

Angela picked up a bulging bag and gave it to Fiona. Grinning, she said, 'Here you are, I think there's enough stuff in there to restrain an elephant.' Fiona looked inside and smiled. 'Oh yes!' she laughed, 'I don't think Jimmy's going to be able to move a muscle when he's wrapped up in this lot!' Angela quickly shut up shop, and a few moments later, the two girls took me out into the shopping precinct and Angela locked the door. Now our walk to her house began. My arms ached miserably, still imprisoned in the stiff, unyielding confines of the arm binder, but there was nothing I could do but walk obediently between them. Nobody gave me a second glance, and obviously thought I was simply a schoolgirl wearing her mackintosh like a cape.

It took about half an hour to reach Angela's house. As soon as we were inside, the two girls took me out into the garden, and Fiona removed the mackintosh. 'Right' said Angela, tipping the contents of her bag onto the ground beside me, 'Let's complete Jennifer's restraint, shall we?' Taking a length of rope, Angela doubled it, and wound it several times around my chest and the armbinder, just above the elbows. Then she ran the rope under my armpits and back to the front again, so as to cinch the chest rope securely. Angela grinned as she wrapped me up like a spider wrapping up its helpless prey.

Picking up a rubberised groundsheet, she spread it out on the ground under a low hanging tree branch. 'Now Jennifer' she said, 'Lie face down on this groundsheet.' With my bound arms, I wasn't in much of a position to argue, and the two girls soon had me lying down. Selecting another piece of rope, Angela doubled it, and began to wind it several times around my ankles before running it a few times between them, and pulling the cinch tight. My ankles now felt locked together. She tied a second rope around my legs just below the knee in the same way, another above the knee, and yet another around my thighs.

Taking another, longer rope, Angela looped it around the cinch rope between my ankles. I knew I was about to be hog-tied, and there was nothing I could do about it. The two girls now bent my legs up behind me, and Angela threaded the rope through a large D ring attached to the end of the armbinder, and back down to my ankles. Then she began to pull it tighter and tighter. As the rope became shorter, my feet and hands were drawn towards each other until eventually my heels were resting on my bottom and the armbinder was nearly touching my feet. Angela tied the rope securely round my ankles so that I was now completely immobilised.

Being hog-tied can be an uncomfortable experience, and this was the tightest one I'd ever experienced. I hopefully said, 'Please Angela, it's too tight. Could you please slacken off that rope?'

She grinned and said, 'Do I hear someone complaining? But Fiona says you like being tied up.'

'Sometimes,' I replied, 'But not like this, it's hurting!'

Angela chuckled. Nonsense' she said, 'Don't be such a baby. In fact, if you're going to grizzle like a baby, we'd better give you your dummy back, hadn't we!'

'Oh no!' I retorted, 'Please, not the dummy again!'

'Yes, the dummy again,' laughed Angela, as she took it out of her bag. Fiona removed my wig and pulled back my head and held my nose until I opened my mouth to breathe. In an instant Angela had thrust the dummy deep into my mouth, and quickly wound the securing ribbons round my head several times before securing it in a non slip bow behind my neck. I wriggled and writhed in frustration, but it was useless. I was completely immobilised and silenced.

'Mmmmmmph! Mmmmmmf! Mmmmmm!' was the only sound I could make. But yet Angela still wasn't satisfied. 'Now just one more thing,' she said, picking up a long length of rope. 'I don't want you crawling around, so I'm going to keep you still.' She tied the rope around my cinched ankles, and then passed it over the tree branch 4 feet above me. Then she ran the rope down again, through the D ring on the arm binder and pulled it tight before tying it off. Now I knew why they had tied me up in the garden. I wasn't going to go anywhere.

Fiona picked up the wig to put it back on my head again, but then paused, looking at me for a moment. Suddenly a broad grin crossed her face. 'No, I don't think we'll use the wig this time,' she said, 'Tied up like that, you'll have no trouble in shaking it off. No, I've got a much better idea. Angie, have you got some hair ribbon? Every little schoolgirl should have bows in her hair, so let's tie them nice and tightly into Jennifer's real hair.' I gave a muffled groan of protest into my dummy as Angela chuckled with delight at the idea. She went indoors and soon returned carrying some white ribbon and other hair accessories. She carefully cut two lengths, laid them on the ground, and began the job of styling my hair into that of an eight-year-old girl.

She carefully parted my hair down the centre with a comb and divided it into two bunches, and taking an elastic band, she wound it tightly round the base of one of the bunches. Then she did the same to the other one so that I now had two cute bunches of hair sticking out from my head in truly juvenile fashion. Angela grinned and said 'And now for some pretty ribbons.' While Fiona held my head still, she took one length of hair ribbon and wound it tightly around one of my bunches before tying it in a neat non-slip bow. Then she pulled my hair through the knot of the bow until I winced with pain.

I tried to say 'Ow!' but the only sound I could make was a muffled 'Mppppff!'

Angela giggled and said 'Now now Jennifer, that's how they're supposed to be. We don't want them to fall out, do we?'

She now completed my misery by tying the other bow around my hair even more tightly. Finally, she picked up two pink plastic hair slides and clipped them securely onto the base of my bunches. Standing up, the girls looked down at my helpless and humiliated form. 'There now,' laughed Fiona, 'Let's see you get those ribbons off, my little girl!'

Well pleased with their handiwork, the girls stood back to enjoy my frustrated helplessness. I squirmed and writhed, and moaned into my dummy as they chuckled with satisfaction. After a short while, Fiona said 'Well there you are my little schoolgirl, you can stay like that for the afternoon. Have fun, and don't go anywhere will you?' With a cheery little wave, they went indoors and left me in my uncomfortable isolation.

It was one of the longest afternoons of my life. The hours passed slowly, occasionally interspersed with a teasing visit from Angela and Fiona. At every opportunity I moaned into my dummy, but they were unmoved. But eventually my ordeal came to an end. After what seemed like an eternity, the girls came out and untied me. I stood up shakily, and sighed with relief as Angela finally removed the armbinder and I could move my aching arms again. They recovered quickly enough, and at last the time came for Fiona and I to go home. Unfortunately of course, that meant that I would still have to walk home dressed in Fiona's school uniform. At least her mackintosh hood would hide my face I thought, but I wasn't to be so lucky this time. As we prepared to leave, I picked up the mackintosh and prepared to put it on. 'Oh no you don't, Jennifer!' laughed Fiona, taking it from me, 'No, you can carry it home over your arm. I want everyone to see you in your lovely school uniform and those cute ribbons in your hair. But first of all, put your blazer back on. We always have to wear our full uniform.' She picked up her blazer and handed it to me. I put it on, and she then gave me back the mackintosh to carry over my arm.

Saying goodbye to Angela, Fiona took me by the arm and led me out into the street. In full sight of every passer by, the walk home was excruciatingly humiliating for me, particularly when we were stopped by some of Fiona's school friends. They fell about giggling when they saw me, and I was mortified. I swore never to let Fiona trick me into wearing her clothes again. As we reached her house and went inside she said, 'Well, how did you enjoy that?'

'Not much,' I slowly replied, painfully moving my arms. We went up to her room, and I gratefully let her take off the school uniform before I dressed once more in my own clothes. But I must be a masochist, because despite everything, I still wanted to have yet another tying up session, and Fiona was delighted to oblige. 'OK,' she said, 'I'll pop around to your place next Saturday, and we can go up to the woods. I know some lovely places to tie you up, and I think that with my new toys your escaping days are over!'

I said goodbye, and when I got home my mother was making tea. 'Did you have a nice day?' she asked.

'Yes thanks,' I replied. And in a way, I suppose I had.


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