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Oklahoma, 1861 - Cookery maids outside a logging camp enforce a caning or spanking on a new worker accused of stealing carrots. This scene was witnessed by hundreds of loggers as they entered the forest. The young woman was later given a salve for her buttocks, then an enema, administered under the watch of the camp doctor.

SEPTEMBER 24th, 1964 - Two young women receive the cane for failing to adquately present themselves for morning inspection. Dina (left), 22, was admitted to the reform academy by judicial order after being founded guilty of drug possession. Nelly (right), 18, was enrolled by her parents for a two-year program after dropping out of college. Dina would stay until 30. after which she would find work as a transcriptionist. Nelly would return to college after her reformation, and go on to become a nurse. Now seniors, both women recall the reform school with fearful reverence, although neither will deny that the strict discipline they underwent was a positive experience in their lives.

Oh I just love this picture!!! I SO want to be that woman getting her fat arse whipped...

I love the whole idea of my arse wobbling, jerking and writhing and knowing the effect it is having on the cocks of those men...

I have never been spanked never mind caned or whipped, but I can only imagine it's a wonderful stimulating experience... and as my bottom is really big, it can take lots of strokes... OOoo!! can you imagine the noise!! the SsswiSSHH of the whip and the SSplatT!! as it hits the enormous arse flesh.... and I guess I would scream !! I hope I wou

The dreaded spelling chair !!

.. a girl had to sit on at the desk., naked from the waist down. The small seat meant the large fat buttocks hung down ..totally exposed..

.. then the spelling test would begin... one stroke of the cane for every mistake..

..after six mistakes, it was two strokes for every mistake... another six mistakes, then you were made to bend right over the desk for 12 of the best!

Every Sunday evening I receive a spanking from my mistress. Sometimes it's quite gentle - a few strokes with a wooden spoon or a cane, but when she's in the mood my spanking can be very severe. She will tie me face down on the bed with a pile of pillows under my tummy to raise my ass in the air and start with a leather paddle. Then she will move onto a rope loop. The first stoke will have me screaming and begging. This only excites her more and she has been known to give me more than 30 strokes. The pain is indescribable. She will untie me and then retie me face up so she can sit on my face and continue whipping the front of my thighs as she forces me to lick out her pussy and asshole.

Post spanking, students are sent to stand in the hall, and must wait for permission to pull up their underwear. Teachers noted that this reduced rebellious tendencies, as well as serving as a warning to any passing students.

“I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of your little sister, but that does not mean you can tease her about it. Remember when I said it doesn’t matter how old you are? Well it’s time I taught you some humility. Get those panties down, you’ll be joining your sister in the corner when I’m done with you.”

October 11,1954 - A dazzling sight for onlookers, journalists, and cameramen as world-famous actress Angie LaRue is publicly exposed by Clyde Harmon.

Harmon, the star’s manager and promoter, later stated that he felt it was necessary for his client to learn some manners.

“Angie,” he explained in an interview, “was out of control. She was smoking, cussing, abusing the stagehands, and exhibited the most unladylike behavior imaginable. My father would’ve never put up with it.”

And ultimately, neither did Harmon. The stunning event lasted nearly half an hour, where Ms. LaRue was held over his lap, and firmly disciplined until her rear grew red as two ripe apples.

This immortal moment, captured on camera, remains an iconic photo of 50’s film history. Despite censorship, it is widely known, and LaRue’s kicking legs are easily recognized by men around the world.

Angie LaRue went on to have a successful career, and later married her manager. She was, and still is, broadly appreciated for her modesty and sweetness, both on and off the silver screen.


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