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Fully prepared for her horsewhipping, Lisa was determined she would take it with dignity... but we all forget the atrocious sting, and pain! Lisa was determined, but when she realised the caning would continue until she was completely broken, she just screamed and begged for mercy... of course none was shown!

Prisoners caning

Alice waited her turn... she was already scared, but listening to her fellow prisoners, their screams, their high pitched squeals., she began to sob.... and it would soon be her turn... there was no escape from this... she would be birched!

When Daddy comes home on report card day, the first thing he does is assess his daughter’s grades.

This time, the young lady’s performance was found to be lacking.

Daddy wasted no time in applying thirty strokes of the cane to her backside, before sentencing the girl to a month of early bedtimes.

Female spy spanking picture

After gentler, more humane methods of interrogation had been exhausted, the female spy was taken to the back room, and restrained in a very compromising position.

The interrogator, who had seemed relatively nice up until now. brought the hardwood paddle down on her exposed rear. Ten, twenty, thirty times until the woman was blubbering out secrets between hysterical sobs. By the end of the day, there would be nothing left but a very regretful prisoner with little more to say...

The reason for not tying down the legs becomes clear ... the judicial caning sends the huge buttocks wild with pain... and the victim frantically tries to escape, twisting one way then the other... of course the huge swollen arse cheeks just wobble and make such a spectacle...

For most of the Correction Officers, this is real FUN !!! and when delivering the mandatory 36 of the best, they sometimes forget to stop !

“Any student caught on the streets during school hours will be subject to corporal punishment, young lady. Perhaps a sound spanking before your peers will teach you not to flaunt our laws.”

Being a city girl, Elizabeth did not know that it was still perfectly acceptable in the frontier town to birch a disobedient woman. Thankfully, her ignorance would not last. Rosalind, the wife next door, had caught Lizzy socializing with her husband. Word spread fast, and the town quickly reached a consensus. Elizabeth was to be publicly displayed for a painful (and profitable) day of shameful spanking punishment.

The deathly silence is only interrupted by Chelsea’s piercing howls. Mr. Baker had set the class to a page of math problems, and is now taking the time to administer part of Chelsea’s punishment. The snotty girl had submitted long ago, just from being restrained naked at the back of the room. Now every ear was trained on her screams. In a few minutes, the math teacher will return to the blackboard to explain the problems, leaving Chelsea to sob quietly until class is dismissed, and Mr. Baker returns to complete her caning punishment.


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