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Julie was learning just how effective the spanking box was at presenting her chubby bottom up for spanking. Her fat buttocks felt as though they were on fire, yet she could do nothing to ease the pain., a fifteen minute breather before the cane was brought to play...

He is on our 'milking and spanking machine'... Sounds like fun you think?

Well once you CUM, it doesn't stop I It just keeps pumping and sucking away... Crown men scream and beg for it to stop...but it doesn't! It's a machine, it never tires! Milked completely DRY!! I have set it for thirty minutes ...he will have cum in about two or even less.... 28 minutes of torture!

She had seen it on Lupus films... and so wanted to find out what it would be like to be thrashed on the spanking machine. They said why not come along and be in one of our films... It made her wet just thinking about it, but the reality was that she screamed throughout her fifty stroke screen debut.

Annie had certainly been well strapped down on the Spanking Machine frame, but then anyone getting a thrashing had to be well strapped down as it was a very painful experience.... she sensed the witnesses watching and giggling as the machine began to revolve slowly at first but all the time speeding up...then the first real THWACK as the leather hit her fat juddering buttocks and then again!! Oh DEAR!! She is finding it quite a shock!!

.... wait till the machine reaches full velocity! and the leather literally EXPLODES across her red raw buttock flesh!! ..and to have to lie there and take it for the full 10 minutes!! at one THWACK per second!!

Her big fat buttocks were certainly getting a leathering!! However the police officer was thinking about changing the drive belt so the leather would hit upwards into that enlarged pussy and overhanging arse cheeks.. ..The victim?? Young Police Cadet Amanda Jones... she LOVED testing out the Official Prison Spanking Machine.


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