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Because there now is no last, desperate clinging to concealment and the trappings of pseudoadulthood. The child's bottom is completely bare and subject to parental scrutiny that is never as keenly felt so long as the gluteal cleft remains hidden from view.

There, literally, is the dividing line between an over-the-knee spanking's superficial wounding of juvenile pride and the serious, heartfelt separation from the image of adolescent independence that is part and parcel of an over-the-knee spanking on the bare bottom.

I can honestly say that it gives me no pleasure at all -whether sexual or otherwise - to have to take down my teenage girl's panties for a spanking.

I just do not believe that any mother out there could actually get turned on by the sight of her own teen daughter's bare bottom.

So basically I have always been super weird about nudity and I think my dad knew that and would use it against me. For instance I came across a naked photo of me in our picture book and I got upset and wanted my mum to get rid of the photo. My dad then for months after would threaten that if I didn't behave he would post the photo on Facebook. When I was little he would spank me on the bare butt and even though I was super young I found it unbelievably humiliating. He even once brought it up whilst we were at my grandparents house and announced that my uncle and grandad had permission to do it if they deemed it necessary.

The taking down of underpants is an action that resonates beyond the actual baring of the buttocks. As distressing as it surely is for an older child to be stood in front of the parent and strategically bared below the waist, having to then lie bare-bottomed across the parental lap - not for any sort of medical procedure, but rather, for the purpose of receiving a good, sound spanking - is a devastating repudiation of the adolescent's own presumptions of maturity.

I genuinely believe that a spanking's integrity as formal discipline requires that the bottom be bared.

A bare bottom leaves nothing to doubt or to chance in terms of a spanking's soundness.

All of the preparations are made to enable the bottom to be properly smacked - and the bottom is what is going to be smacked, and not some reasonable facsimile thereof.

Betty waited in the corner, cringing as she listened to the sounds of her daughter's spanking downstairs. Judging by Kayle's cries, the teenager was getting it on her bare bottom, with her own hairbrush. Her husband had started spanking Kayley on her eighteenth birthday.

Realizing its efficacy, it wasn't long before spankings were on the menu for Betty as well.

With her hands tied in front she was helpless to stop her fat bare bottom from being spanked... Rob had bought this device off the internet and was finding it extremely useful when dealing with all those 'naughty girls' ... Lisa was one of those, who advertised on the spanking web site...

"Naughty girt needs a proper thrashing... but are you strong enough to handle me ? " Such a naughty advert!!

While older girls may balk at the prospect of being so publicly undressed, it is essential for loving parents to enforce the concept of bare-bottom spankings, regardless of the teen's age.

A well-disciplined teen should be made to understand that embarrassment is part of her punishment, and that such physical intimacy is only the product of a loving parent.

Bare bottom schoolgirl spanking picture

You were always given the choice, face the class or show them your bare bottom.... Susie made her choice, but realised that the humiliation of everyone staring into your face as each cane stroke made the tears flow was definitely the wrong choice., but then knowing that everyone could be staring at your bottom and private parts, and watch six sizzling strokes SPLAT against the bare flesh ?? I don't know !! difficult decision ??

Twenty with each spanking instrument was her target... a frustrated housewife gets up to naughty things.. if only her husband understood her secret desires....

Still, Rob next door seemed to be someone she could confide in, and maybe he could take over the strenuous task of thrashing her bare bottom one day....

(and with that thought she orgasmed ) such a naughty girl...

A trip to see the school matron often ended up with a sore bottom... she seemed to be a sadist... she had every excuse to get your bottom bare, but seemed to insist that you did something naughty and then that wooden spoon would come out!


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