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Cock caning picture

I know a good way to punish naughty males who get an erection when they are not to do sol A good hard caning across their cocks !!

After I have finished this cock will be black and blue, and covered with thick bruises.... He won't be able to touch it for a week!!

Medieval caning picture

This year ihe 'medieval' village fete had an extra attraction...

The three girls were making a small fortune with their 'caning of wench' stall. Marie was wondering why she seemed to be always on birching stool though ?! At ?5 to be a witness... a bargain ??

You know It's going to be a real laugh watching you being caned by Madam Severa... I have watched her give so many judicial canings here., everyone of you naughty boys scream their heads off., and you're NEXT!! .. Happy Birthday silly husband...

You know I'm just not sure if this is really the boy that pinched my bottom Miss Caine ... ... maybe another dozen strokes will make him confess ?....

Young Millie was enjoying watching an innocent Sammy getting a cruel interrogation .. She had told him she would get him back for laughing at her in gym!

Miss Caine didn't tolerate any male abusing one of her pupils and was determined to extract a confession., as once confessed, she could legitimately take him to the punishment room for a maximum 36 of the heavy cane!

.. Sammy ? well he was going to lose whatever he did!

Oh gosh!! Can you imagine the humiliation of this.... I am in shock yet its so exciting... What must it be like?

The cameras!! I wonder if she watched it later?

OMG, can you imagine getting turned on by the caning in front of everyone, and getting an orgasm!! what would the teacher do ? The harder she canes the more excited you get!?

I must get on the internet ana see if anywhere does this...

What ?? u are wondering how I will thrash you mercilessly ? Simple!! I have an H-frame... and as you can see once in this you will be going nowhere !! I will cane your arse RAW!! Ohh !! I am getting quite wet thinking about this.. Believe me once I start caning, it's too late to change your mind...

After a good caning Rob wanted to be made to cum, and then forced to drink his cum.... this would be followed by 100 strokes of the wooden paddle.... Mistress Anna always did as she was asked... and it really was too late to change his mind!

Yes I do CP, HARD CP... and yes I do topless... as you can see it is easy for me to reveal all.... but there is a price to pay... no, not money! .... THE SKIN ON YOUR ARSE... I will paddle you raw, and then break you with my thin whippy canes... long red and purple, bleeding welts... the choice is yours...


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