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At 25years old, Julie decided to do some night classes for extra qualifications. But she needed a little private education to help so she asked her old convent school if they would oblige.... She also asked that the wooden paddle be brought out like the old days to help her learn more effectively! You Just have to ask politely sometimes!

Rina loved fucking her 20-year old lover, Azumi, but she wanted to make sure discipline and respect was observed at all times. So when her young cunt lapper was 30 minutes late after practice, she bent her over and gave her one spank for each minute. She noticed that front of Azumi's shorts were wet and so she kissed her and squeezed her pussy and in1 minute the little slut came gasping on her hand.

The sight, sound, and sensation of slapping Azumi's ass really got Rina going. "Now I want to ride that naughty face of yours," she ordered. "If your tongue gets tired, I have a good idea of how to 'encourage' you to make a better effort. From that day on, Azumi's ass was spanked almost every day and Rina got more respect -- and screaming orgasms - than she could handle.

"I'm going to start spanking you in the mornings," was all she said. Miko couldn't answer at the time because her mouth was glued to her lover's pussy, building her to the second of what would be four orgasms that night. "Tomorrow morning when I say 'bend over', that's what I mean," she added matter-of-factly. But the idea clearly turned her on, because as she said it she then put her hands on the back of Miko's head and said with a slight moan, "Move that tongue faster and deeper, you bitch." Miko could feel her own pussy start to moisten as her dominant lover ground her pussy mercilessly on her vibrating tongue.

The next morning Miko took 20 hard smacks to the bottom. As she stood up, her lover smiled wickedly, saying "Now you'll think of me every tie me you sit down."

Her japanese roommate told her that a good long spanking would plump her butt and make her look more attractive. But she found that she spent the whole night thinking about the feeling of being held and controlled like a dirty little girl.. And her roommate spent the night plunging her fingers into her pussy, thinking about the feeling of that little ass lap, cumming hard she thought of the little yelps she made with ach new slap of her hand on t sheer pink dress.

Miyuki's older roommate Kaori told her that she was tired of paying her excuses for not paying the rent, and to encourage her to find a job Miyuki had to prove that she was trying, or she would get a spanking.

Miyuki objected at first, but after about 10 spanks her yelps of pain started turning into little grunts of pleasure. And when the spanking finished..

...there was a wet spot on Kaori's knee. Kaori just smiled and wiggled a finger in Miyuki's wet cunt until she came. The spankings continued, not as punishment but as a prelude to hours of sex, always ending with Miyuki's face buried in Kaori's dominant pussy while she came, moaning, over and over.

"Now you are in the fifth form Lisa, you know the rules!! All canings are on the bare!! .. and as I have has to remind you of this rule, your caning is now 12 strokes..."

" OH NO SIR !! I'M SO SORRY... "


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