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...the first stroke of the cane came as quite a shock to Mandy.. .. the head mistress had specified that she would be giving six of the best. but if Mandy stood up or tried to intervene with the caning then she would be strapped down across the leather horse, panties pulled down,and be given 24 of the VERY VERY best!!

After stroke one, it was inevitable ...

For severe offenses, schoolgirls are sent to the Boys’ Detention Room to participate in an embarrassing spectacle.

Today’s star is Trixie, who was spanked and caned for a good fifteen minutes, for putting gum on the teacher’s chair.

Her bottom is then displayed in the corner, in front of over a dozen boys in the room, for a humiliating lesson that she will never forget.

After being asked three times not to talk during class, Fiona was taken to the front, bent over the teacher’s desk, and caned until she broke down in tears before all her peers.

Humbled and humiliated, Fiona’s loud, unmistakable sobs emanating from the classroom's rear corner now served as a powerful warning to the others. Fiona’s friends turned occasionally to gasp at the poor girl’s striped backside. But with the exception of some rustling, the class had grown absolutely quiet.

There is nothing more humiliating that being given the cane in front of the class. But then there is the possibility that you have to present your big fat arse to the class to let them see the stripes develop .... But then again, this class is for adult schoolgirls aged 25 to 45, looking for a thrill in their lives.. So being caned is a real turn on for them all!

She thought it would be exciting, FUN !!

A proper caning from a headmaster!!

So she had contacted one on the internet-advertising proper thrashings for naughty adult schoolgirls..

She had been told to dress the part... and buy a dragon cane...

So here she was... knowing that it was going to happen., just like he said.. On the bare, strapped down over the punishment horse... 36 of the best I!

Oh Dear !!

Homeschooling was not what Elsa imagined it to be. Mom was not like the teachers at school. She was old fashioned. For Elsa, this meant a traditional uniform, longer lessons, extra homework, and should she displease her new teacher, painful detentions over the caning stool.

The same principle applied at school. Girls who’ve recently turned 18 are scheduled for a mandatory meeting with the school counselor for evaluation.

Tessa’s entire scholastic record was re-examined for past misbehavior, and the appropriate number of strokes given to her bare backside.

Like most girls. Tessa received her welts over the sore results of a parent's handiwork days prior. Although some observers found this doubly cruel, parents and teachers alike knew it to be doubly effective.

"and then I will tie you to the ladder with the rope.... and I can make a birch rod

with those twigs... and we can play at Victorian Mistress and her naughty maid... Oh

and of course you will have to be naked what do you think ??"

Schoolgirls at sixteen get up to some naughty games down in the hay barn.... fuelled with alcohol, inhibitions soon disappear....

My fantasy is to be caned.... just like in those Lupus films... I want to be strapped down over the caning stool... and have my plump buttocks covered in cane marks.... The way they scream it must hurt atrociously, but that just makes me more and more wet.... And I want to be watched by my old headmistress... she can count the strokes..... all the way up to 50!!

Mr Jones the history teacher said in his day naughty girls would be caned in front of the class... I just can't get this image out of my head ! Poor me! My fat bare bottom sticking out towards the class and that sexy Mr Jones wielding the cane.... 18 strokes... Mmm! perhaps he will give me a birthday caning in two years time... MUST ask him!!


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