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With older girls especially, a substantial portion of their bottom flesh is already bare, even with their panties in the 'locked and upright' position.

Nevertheless, if you spank a pantied bottom, you're automatically granting a significant concession to your child. You're allowing them to retain that last vestige of self-determination in matters of personal dignity.

You're spanking the bottom because bottoms are inherently smackable, but you're declining to make the bottom - with all of its associated shamefulness - the absolute center of attention. In essence, you're pulling your punch.

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I believe a teenaged girl can only benefit from having her mother continue to spank her in the manner to which both are accustomed. And if that necessitates the girl being stood in front of her Mom while she takes down her trousers and her underpants, so be it. The remedial potency of a spanking extends beyond the actual smacking of the upturned bottom.

For a teen girl image is everything and the best spanking is one that will leave her supposedly grown up image in tatters. Having her skirt or dress pulled back will be bad enough, but to have her panties then pulled down to her knees (and preferably turned inside out) will be utterly devastating and a perfect reminder to the teen that she's not yet quite as adult as she might like to think.

After a strange conversation at the bus stop, Rob found himself in the home of Julie.

She was saying that she was such a naughty girl at school and was always threatened to be spanked ..but never was... so she hoped that today that Rob could find it in himself to give her bottom a proper thrashing... she removed her panties, she asked, what do you think?

Rob thought this was going to be a long afternoon!

Just os Erin's panties were being lowered, Gina made the grave mistake of insisting that the teen was much too old to be spanked.

Erin watched in disbelief as the older woman was stripped, held, and paddled until she was bawling like a baby - a fate Erin shared ten minutes later.

As mother and daughter stood sobbing against the living room wall, both reflected on the lesson they had just been taught: Neither one of them was too old for spankings.

Shame was a powerful tool, and mother knew this well. Reflection time always took place in the living room, so that any spanking Tessa receives is made known to the whole family.

Mr Jones was a bastard.... the first girl caught talking would get two strokes of the strap... bare bottomed, in front of the class... the next girl caught talking would get four strokes, the next six and so on.... Amy couldn't help smiling as her friend Julie was getting TWELVE!! What must it be like she thought to herself? and she felt herself getting quite damp and hot!!

She knew her bottom was very large... so when she contacted Mr Cane she had explained her fantasies., and now it was to happen...

Panties right off... marched over to the caning trestle...

.. bent right over... her legs pulled wide apart and shackled to the frame... her wrists pulled right over and handcuffed to the front bar... Now her arse was 'enormous'., and Mr Cane would select the heavy dragon cane, made even heavier by a rubber coating...

.. tap tap tap.... and then SPLATTTtt!! and then the ear piercing scream of pure pain.....

... to be repeated 24 times...


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