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Lisa to keel at her red raw buttocks... so that's what 50 did to a fat arse she thought...

"Please Miss, I think I need another 50, really hard, on each fat buttock...."

And Miss Smythe would duly oblige.... however It ended up a great deal more .. and a red ass!

She had taken a good strapping across her fat red ass, but she would not beg for mercy. However Master Jim knew that the area of flesh between buttocks and thighs was much more vulnerable to pain! Ten really hard strokes one after the other would be all it took to hear her sweet little voice singing the tune he wanted to hear!

She could feel the eyes of every man in the room on her. But there wasn’t much choice. It was either a public spanking from her husband, or a session across his knees, which always reduced her to kicking and screaming like a little girl. At least now, she could sob with some dignity, even ifthe paddling gave everyone a better view of her vagina...

Cassie thought her mother would never spank her in front of her friend, while Nicole thought Mrs. Pendleton would never spank someone who wasn't her daughter. Now red-bottomed and sobbing on Cassie's bed, the girls realized they were both very wrong.

Hard punishments send a powerful message to disagreeable girlfriends - Spankings are not for fun. They are for correcting unacceptable behaviors.

It was the words "spanked until you look like you are wearing scarlet panties" that so intrigued Tina.

So she got her boyfriend to carry it out, but wearing her scarlet panties so he would know just what she wanted.... not quite there yet Tina!!

Rosie had never been spanked in school.. YET! She fantasised like crazy about what it would be like, and she self spanked as hard as she could but all the time wondering how it would feel if it were sexy Mr Greene lashing her bottom with the leather tawse... but she was such a coward and never ever got into trouble... so frustrating it was for her... but then one day it may all change!!


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