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I'm 26 years old, and my parents still smack/hit/spank me for "misbehaving" It's really shameful, I know. I live at home still because I just can't afford to move out with the shitty retail job I have.

My parents will smack me for cursing, whether at them or not. They have spanked me with a belt for being late for my curfew. Yes, even when it's unintentional like my job needing to keep me a few minutes after.

If I get home at 10:01pm, I can expect to get a beating for it. I once called the police, and they laughed at me over my parents spanking me. I don't feel comfortable calling them.

"Head down, dear. Your boyfriend cant help you. In fact, I invited him so he can see how it's done. That way, if I'm not around, he can spank you whenever you cross a line."

Usually, in this play, the daughter Brandi would receive a spanking over her skirt using a clapper that made a lot of noise but didn't hurt the actor.

The actor knew at some point the clapper would be switched out for a paddle.

On the last night of the show, the actor put some padding under her knickers. As the actor perceived, the clapper was switched out and when the father discovered this, he told the wife.

She looked up her skirt and, while mocking surprise, confirmed what the father knew so to ruptious applause, he hiked up her skirt removed the padding, and spanked her for real.

Frequent spankings instilled fear and respect in even the most problematic of wives.

Anxious tears often precede her punishment, but never do they excuse her from receiving it.

When Julie told new boyfriend Rob that she was a little kinky.... he was curious.

Come round on Saturday and I will show you what I mean she had told him....

"Come on in.. the door is open" she had shouted... and Rob then saw the full extent of Julie's fetish. It was going to be an unforgettable Saturday spanking evening... lucky Rob!!!

Lisa was thrilled at the idea of extra piano lessons from sexy Mr Roberts... at 17 she had a real crush on him!

... so it wasn't a great surprise that she allowed herself to get into some rather naughty situations .... a playful first spanking on her covered bottom soon escalated...

... unfortunately her piano playing isn't really

Miss Smythe says I've been a naughty girl and should be punished... This means one hour's detention, but I can‘t help thinking about her leading me to a caning bench... me naked, gagged, no escape from a reformatory spanking.... If only she could read my mind!!

My fantasy involves my Uncle... Uncle Jim has always given me a playful slap on my bottom, but I think he'd like to do much much more than that... So I think about how he'd put me across the dining room table, and my fat bare bottom getting the cane... and his next door neighbour would come in and watch... Then I'm afraid I just can't help myself... and have to be properly thrashed for my disgusting behaviour... can you imagine the noise that cane will make across my bottom.... OOO!!!


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