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It had all started when she was in the final year at school and her perception of sex was taking its foundation in her system. She had been nearly sixteen years of age when Karen, her particular bosom friend had come into the showers as Marcy was bending over to pick up the soap that had slipped from her fingers. Karen just could not resist the temptation. Marcy was a rather delightfully attractive-shaped young girl, and Karen was as human as the next. She raised her hand and brought it down, not too harshly, on to the taut-skinned, bending bottom.

‘Hey’! Marcy had shot upright, but what had started to be a protest seemed to stick in her throat. The strange spreading sensation started to have a different reaction. She had expected it to sting, but somehow there filled the spot where the hand had struck her, a most odd feeling of strange pleasure!

‘Oh I did not strike you all that hard,’ Karen laughed.

‘I… I know… but I was not expecting it, that’s all,’ Marcy lightly rubbed the naked buttock where the hand had caught her.

She turned her delightful bottom towards the hastily stripping Karen…

‘Does it show?’

‘No… not really…!’ Karen leaned over to get her inspecting eyes closer to the smooth skinned bottom.

‘Not like this,’ she squealed out in laughter as she brought her hand down, harder this time, onto the other cheek.

There it was again! Marcy was amazed at the force of sheer heat, sexual heat that speared into her body. It was the strangest response that she could possibly imagine. The heat of the spank resulted in something rather like a caress… a caress that stroked and excited her deep sexual cords.

‘Now that does show a little,’ Karen was still laughing and was surprised that Marcy had not attempted to have a go at her.

‘I feel all warm… and lovely,’ Marcy said softly as though still trying to work out her response to the sting on her backside.

‘Be careful, or else I will do it again,’ Karen told her.

‘I… I don’t care,’ Marcy could think of nothing else to say.

They rubbed each other down in the cubicle.

‘How’s your bottom?’

‘Mmmmm… it’s alright!’

‘Want me to see?’

Marcy and Karen were, after all was said and done, extra special friends although there had never even been a suggestion of sex between them.

They were still in a state of nakedness. Neither had pubic hair yet but both had started to grow shapely breasts. Karen was the slightly older being nearly seventeen. They were both late starters as far as the pubic area was concerned!

Marcy did not mind running her back and Karen was quietly hoping that Karen would spank her some more. This was a new found innovation, and Marcy knew there and then that this spanking business was something that she could quite easily get used to… and enjoy!

‘Lean over a little!’ Marcy obliged and bent herself slightly.

‘Oh more than that, silly,’ Karen said exasperatedly.

This only served to make Marcy bend right over so that her young plump buttocks really did look attractive. Karen, as it had already been pointed out, was as human as the next.

For some minutes, the only sound that could be heard was the steady and regular beat of a young hand on an even younger bottom… then Marcy was moaning as strange hot thrills ravaged her body.

‘Karen… oh Lord… Karen… it’s soooo lovely,’ she gasped.

And Karen had deliberately run her hand through the open vulva area of her young masochistic friend.

She was nineteen just two days before. Taller and certainly very fair of face, graceful in her movements, Marcy was blossoming into a very desirable creature. Blonde fair hair and now she had pubes that were almost the same fair-haired colouring. Her bottom had grown but it had become more attractive. Rounder, almost boyish but certainly her whole torso was something that Nature had blessed. Since Karen had left for foreign climes, she had foregone the sexualities of the natural born masochist. They had both kept her secret because she thought she was some kind of nut!

Mr Taylor, who lived next door had often watched the lovely girl from behind closed curtains. They lived in a secluded suburban area, and he was able to watch her at great length whenever she lay out on the lush lawn in the sun. She wore only the briefest of bikinis when she bathed and Mr Taylor knew that it was not the heat of the afternoon that brought him out in a ‘muck-sweat’. He felt that he could stay watching the shapely girl forever. It was sufficient reward that he was able to sit behind his curtained window, studying the flowing curvy lines of her shapely body.

On this particular afternoon, he was surprised that she was not sunbathing and a natural responsive disappointment filled his mind.

‘She has not gone out,’ he muttered to himself.

He had been a bit miffed that she had not thanked him for his birthday card.

The door bell ringing brought him out of his reverie. He did not like unexpected visitors… damn bad manners.

He opened the front door…

‘Marcy… what a pleasant surprise,’ he was pleased. He forgot all about bad manners!

‘Thought I ought to thank you for the birthday card and present,’ she smiled as he stood to one side to let her in.

He realised as though for the first time, that she was indeed a very attractive young lady. Tall and with an air of passiveness that added to her winsome personality Her shoulder-length hair, perfectly brushed, very fair, had the look that she had brushed it so as to be at her best when she visited him. Her blouse was a knitwear net type of garment and the print dress skirt was a myriad of floral design. The swirling of the skirt as she preceded him helped gave the occasional flash of very shapely legs and it had him itching to see more of her limbs.

Marcy could not quite fathom out the strange attraction that Mr Taylor held for her. There was something rather stern about him and he had the air of a strict austere manner. He had been a chief warden in a colonial young offenders institution, and when he recounted his experiences when her parents and he were in each other’s company, he would not avoid letting them know that the youngsters in the colonial outposts would get a very severe thrashing when they misbehaved. Whenever she heard these tales, Marcy would feel that strange shudder of something akin to pleasure when her vivid imagination pictured up the occasion when punishment was being meted out under the auspices of the stern-faced Mr Taylor. And of course, the offender would always be Marcy herself.

She did not sit down when she entered his lounge and felt her system go all tingly when he sat down and had her facing him. For some unaccountable reason, Marcy felt that she had trespassed on his quiet afternoon and that her action in coming here had now taken on an act of naughtiness.

And she just could not fathom out why she felt this way unless it was to project herself into a bizarre charade whereby that dear aching emotion could be satisfied, so that the feeling inside her tummy could be released.

‘I’m sorry for coming without an invitation,’ she ventured.

‘Not at all!’ He disappointed her.

He noticed her reluctance to sit down, and at first thought that this was because she would not be staying long. Pity, he thought, he would enjoy her company.

They chatted on, and he soon realised that he had been wrong in his assumption that she was in a hurry to leave. She walked to his French windows and looked out, and he was not too sure but he had the distinct feeling that she just slightly, only slightly, thrusting her shapely bottom back. It had only been a slight backward thrust, but he was certain that she had done so. Mr Taylor was used to the mannerisms of young people, he had been in charge of hundreds of different types, and the slight act of easing her bottom back was one that he was sure he had witnessed, and it expressed her sexual attitudes.

Marcy, was, he was certain, one of those delightful types of humanity that enjoyed being subjected to, and would also enjoy, a state of humiliation.

It did not take him long to guide the conversation round to a topic that interested him, and to his delight, her too. She seemed to open up under his gentle direction of the talk they were having. She was soon sitting at his feet listening and feeling her face redden with a strange shame that enveloped her as she visualised herself under his complete domination.

‘I think all naughtiness should be punished,’ she agreed.

‘It usually is,’ he half-smiled tolerantly.

‘Yes. But I mean in a physical sense!’ She blushed deeply without realising she was doing so.

‘All this to exclude yourself,’ he said sombrely.

‘Oh no,’ she was taken off guard. It was as though he was offering candy to everybody else except her!

She did not want to miss out! ‘I don’t think there should be any exceptions!’

‘Marcy,’ he suddenly asked her very seriously! ‘Have you ever been physically punished, as you call it?’

‘Not exactly,’ her eyes once more cast down to the floor.

‘What is that supposed to mean?’

He changed once more to an impatient and angry man. The change in his attitude frightened and yet thrilled her. She could not understand the sensation of the sweet heat that seemed to ignite somewhere in her sex area.

‘Well… it was when I was at school…’

She went on to recall the experience she had had with Karen and not only the tale itself, but he was delighted when she honestly and openly told him how her body and mind had responded to the thrilling episode.

‘I do not think that can be termed as a punishment,’ he argued.

‘No, I suppose not,’ she mumbled.

They were now at the crux of the whole matter. Marcy realised that before this afternoon was out she was going to voluntarily offer herself for a spanking. As her mind ran freely she imagined all sorts of delightful and yet shamefully humiliating things that he might make her do.

‘I feel that even with this Karen you were being decidedly very naughty,’ he remarked.

‘Yes, so do I,’ she amazed him with her frankness but what pleased him more, was the eagerness that she was showing to let herself be placed in a position whereby her bum would be positioned for his pleasure!

‘Time does not necessarily eradicate one’s naughtiness; not until the occasion arrives whereby that naughtiness can be expunged by a good spanking… on the bottom, of course!’

Marcy nearly weed with the surge of very real heated pleasure that erupted inside her womb.

‘I… I agree,’ she said as she moved next to his seated figure.

Slowly, and with the words of instruction, it seemed the most natural thing for her to do, to drape herself so that her hands rested on the floor the other side of his lap. She did not actually lay on his knees but her shapely torso was arched perfectly. Just as slowly, her head gradually sank to the floor and this caused her body to come into contact with his. Her bottom was now getting more and more pronouncedly rounded until she was being made to present herself in a most humiliating position, just as a naughty schoolgirl would be expected to do. Her mouth seemed to dry as she felt him slowly easing the loose dress skirt higher and higher until her very brief panties were fully revealed. She wore no tights or stockings, but there was the added thrilling waves of shame when she realised that he was able now to see most of her bottom because the briefs were very small ones.

‘What am I going to do Marcy?’

‘Spank me,’ she choked.

‘Tell me exactly what I am going to do,’ he insisted.

‘You are going to spank my bottom,’ she almost moaned with impatience.

She closed her eyes when the first smack came down onto her right nate… then the left… again the right… spank… spank… spank… a slow methodical sound of his palm slapping down onto the rounded cheeks of her bottom filled the room… on one occasion, and with automatic reaction, Marcy reached round behind her as though to prevent the continuing spanking, but he curtly ordered her hand away…

‘I’m sorry,’ she cried out, ‘I won’t try to stop you again,’ she promised.

It was more delightful than he could have imagined. To have her apologising for attempting to arrest his hand from spanking her delightful arse, was something he had never thought he would hear.

At last, she slipped from his knees and sat ruefully rubbing the burning cheeks of her smacked buttocks.

Tears she had shed, but not copiously. There had been a natural reaction to the sting that had erupted over the whole area of her backside.

‘Now you may go and your conscience will be eased that the naughty thought and act that you experienced all that time ago has now been expunged!’

She did not really want to go, but there was no disobeying that austere manner of his.

Unwittingly she went out through the garden patio windows. But she was not truly happy until she had retired to her own room and shed her clothes to study the red cheeks of her spanked bottom. Then she lay on her bed, totally nude and masturbated the tension from her system.

‘My parents are not coming home tonight and have asked me to enquire if you would be prepared to ensure my safety from intruders… you know how parents worry!’ She was once again blushing!

‘Of course I shall… when are they telephoning again?’

‘When they arrive at the hotel. They have to stay away tonight and tomorrow,’ she told him.

Her eyes and face told him how excited she felt at the of being under his charge for a whole weekend.

When they called, he was already in their home and he was pleased to assure them that Marcy would have his undivided attention to her welfare.

They were suitably relieved because he was such a straightforward gentleman!

‘I think tonight, Marcy you will spend your time with me!’

She was very excited as she entered his home carrying the briefest of nighties. He told her to bathe and prepare for bed. This suited her fine!

When she walked into the lounge, she truly presented herself as a picture of womanhood. A nineteen-year-old beauty, with her legs exposed almost up to the crotch because the nightie was shorter than most… she had cut quite a lot of the hem off before sewing in a false one. From the rear she showed off a good half of her rounded bottom, and now the moons had cleared of the redness of a week ago.

Her nipples were already prominent through the material and the excitement that filled her breasts was most evident. As she walked into the room, the look on his face made her blush. She was aware that his gaze was directed at the hem of her nightie as it rode up and down with each step, and he caught a glimpse, just a flashing glimpse, of the soft hair of her pubes.

‘What would you like to do?’ he teased.

‘I’d like to play a sort of game,’ she blushed crimson.

‘What sort of game?’

‘Well… I think I would like to pretend that I have been really very, very naughty. And I would like you to sort of… well, test me… to test me for obedience,’ she faltered because she was not too sure how to express herself.

‘I think that would be a very good game,’ he complimented her. ‘We shall pretend that you are in a situation that whatever I command you to do then you have no choice but to do it… no matter what… understand!’

‘Yes,’ she was more than enthusiastic. ‘You can think up anything that you might want to do… anything at all… and I HAVE to obey you… without question… I am not allowed to even think of disobedience… no matter how shameful or humiliating,’ she emphasised his own thoughts exactly.

‘Right… first of all take off that nightie!’

He was sitting immediately before her and as the hem slipped up the blushing girl’s body, he saw the view of her soft-curled pubic nest. Then she was naked. As easily as that she had transformed from a shapely half-dressed girl to a fully nude Venus. Her breasts were not overly large but certainly with the small aureole islands and the pinky hard knobs of her nipples excitingly exposed, she stood there letting him view her nakedness as much as he liked. When he told her to put her hands on her head, she happily did so, feeling once again that odd shock of humiliation as she eased her elbows back and then her ankles were parted.

Trace-lines of sexy thrills tingled up and down her thighs as his warm palm stroked from the knees, and then travelled slowly up the tapering limbs until he was almost at the entrance to her sex tube. She was breathing in tight gasping breaths and then he told her to kneel down.

Still postured with her hands clasping her head she presented herself as a perfect slave for his pleasure… then he reached forward with both hands and was surprised at the firmness of her breasts… and as he fondled the flint hard pips of her nipples, Marcy could have shrieked with the sheer sexual heat that was building up inside her… He reached down and slipped a hand onto the damp cavern over her sex and when his finger explored the furrow, stroking and feeling the whole sex orifice, Marcy did not even attempt to suppress the moan of hungry pleasure…

‘Oooooh yessss… yessss… please,’ she pushed her head back so that she was facing the ceiling…

‘Nice little cunt isn’t it?’

The phrase shocked her, but it did not deter her!

‘Yes…’ she was being transported by the sensational response her passion was feeling… ‘Please… play with it… lots an’ lots’

‘Going to show me it properly?’

‘Yes… anyway you tell me… make me behave as you tell me to..!’

When he removed his hand, she could not disguise her disappointment.

‘Please… play with me some more… I’ll do whatever you tell me… happily let you see how obedient I can be,’ she choked.

He told her to sit on his lap, facing in the opposite direction. Marcy eased herself so that her legs were draped, one each side of his legs and her body was facing the opposite wall. She retained the hands on head pose… then his hands came round and cradled her breasts. Immediately the heated sexuality became even hotter… then he reached down and her widely parted vulva, stretched wide by the position of her parted thighs, responded to his stroking and seeking finger tips.

‘Ooooowaaaah… hard… play with me hard… I beg you!’

She was surprised when she felt his palm pressing on to her back until she was virtually bending away from him. Her bottom was rounded and her head was right down… because her thighs were so widespread, she was exposing herself fully… both rounded cheeks of her bottom and also the pinky slot of her sex lips… he arranged her body so that her legs had to remain open, and then he started to spank the accessible moons of her bottom… Marcy was overcome with the sheer pleasure that this was causing her…

‘Oh yes… please… more… more… spank my bottom as hard as you can,’ she pleaded.

Soon she possessed two very red balloons for arse cheeks… then he was easing her back so that she could experience a completely new sensation… his hard maleness slipped easily into the lubricated slot of her sex… and as he fucked, so his hands beat a tattoo-like tempo onto her backside.

It was the beginning of a perfect relationship. Marcy realised that Mr Taylor knew EXACTLY what she wanted, and he was well able to supply it.


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