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Out of the bright sunlight and into the dark dingy corridor. There is a buzz of noise from every classroom. My footsteps sound eerie in the silent corridor. Strange, I never realised that this corridor was so long before.

Thereís Rosemary Williams standing outside her classroom. Sheís been thrown out of class, again. Ignore her. Sheís only a third former, and Iím a fourth. She doesnít try to speak as I sweep by.

Daylight. Slowly I climb the stairs. Mrs Henery, the Chemistry teacher, passes. She looks at me but says nothing.

The final corridor. The large wooden door beckons, menacingly. My pace slows. I jump as a door beside me suddenly opens. The school secretary appears and rushes by on her way somewhere or other.

Thereís laughter from the staff room. They have no right to laugh, theyíre all teachers.

I arrive at the large door. The single word 'HEADMISTRESS' is picked out in large brass letters.

Oh Lor! My knees go weak, suddenly my courage has all gone. Panic seizes me. I want to turn and run, but somehow I can't. Must straighten my tie! My tights are wrinkled. Oh! So is my blazer. I straighten my tie and blazer, then knock twice boldly on the door.

What did I do that for? Oh Lor! Now thereís no going back! Perhaps thereís nobody in. A voice comes from within, I am ordered to enter. Again my legs go to jelly. I struggle with the door handle, unfortunately it opens. I take a deep breath and move inside.

The door closes noisily behind me. The Headmistress glares at me, from behind her desk. She is an elderly lady, rather portly, and well suiting her nickname of ĎThe Dragon'. I am bade to approach her desk. I stand before her, trembling slightly. She frightens me, I admit it!

She asks me who I am.

Silly old cow! You would at least think she would know her pupilís names! After all there are only 600 girls in the school. I tell her my name. Mention of it seems to upset her! She shouts at me to stand up properly. I do, to avoid trouble, you understand.

She starts to lecture me. God what a bore! Alright so I hit Jackie. It was a smashing punch. Pow! Right on the nose. Yes Headmistress, there was blood. Do her serious harm?! You must be joking! Break her nose! God I only gave her a nose bleed, and not a very big one at that! No, I donít normally go around hitting other girls, just Jackie. Well donít ask me why I hit Jackie, will you?

She finishes ranting and raving. She asks me if I have anything to say on the matter. I tell her ĎNoí. Alright so I'm a stinking coward! I admit it! Eve got to humour the old girl!

Oh God, she's started up again! Who wound her up this time?!

How does she know my parents would disapprove? My Dad spends weeks trying to teach the boys at our local boxing club to throw a punch like that. You know itís women like her that killed the art of conversation. Mmm, donít like the wall paper much! The ceiling could do with a repaint. Good Heavens sheís stopped! She must have paused for breath! Oh God here we go again! With any luck sheíll forget to pause for breath and do us all a favour. Suppose I should listen, out of sort of respect, for the elderlv.

Sheís going to punish me, or so she reckons. Please, not the dreaded fifty lines. Oh itís not lines! Sheís going to cane me. Well at least itís not a . . . SHEíS WHAT! ! ?? Hey now! Steady on! Cane me! She canít do that! Iím a fourth former! That sort of thing is alright for the first, second and third forms, goodness knows they need a good whacking to keep them in order every now and then, but not a fourth former! Now a jokeís a joke! Sheís only kidding! ? She doesnít look as though sheís kidding! Sheís got up! She canít cane me! Sheís too old! My Granís younger than her! Sheíll do herself a mischief! Sheíll have a heart attack or something! More seriously she'll do me some harm! The cane hurts, so Iíve been told!

She asks me if I have anything to say, before she punishes me.

Do I? DO I? DO I?

ĎNo, Maíam,í I reply.

Alright! So I'm a stinking coward. Iíve admitted it before!

She goes to a cupboard and opens it to reveal the school cane. Oh Lor! It looks horribly thin and swishy. Just to prove the point she swishes it in the air.

Now, if you think you can frighten me like that then youíre dead right! God! I feel awful! I hope it's all a dream and Iíll wake up in a few moments and find myself in bed! Iím nearly wetting my knickers in fear! My legs have gone again!

I am ordered to bend over. I decide that enough is enough, and don't. She shouts at me and makes general threats about extra strokes. T decide that I have made my protest and bend over. My finger tips just touching the end of my toes. Donít like the carpet pattern much!

Donít suppose it would do any good if I told her that I didnít believe in corporal punishment, do you?

Hey! What's she doing now? Sheís turning my skirt back! Oh Lor! It was nice and thick too! Oh no! NO! NO! Not my tights! This is too much! She can't do this to me! God! My knickers too! I never believed the other girls when they said that they had it bare. I make a small protest about being caned on my bare bum. Again the Headmistress makes general threats about extra strokes. I decide not to pursue the matter. Okay, so Iím going to get it bare! Gosh, itís awfully chilly with your knickers down! Itís all rather undignified, this.

Hey! Let go of my neck!

Whatís that noise?


That bloody hurt!


You cow! God! I mustnít cry! I mustnít let her see that sheís hurting me!


Oh God! Iím crying. I must stop!

I canít. It hurts too much! I canít see!


For God's sake stop! ! Youíre killing me! The pain! What do you mean keep still? Donít you know it bloody hurts? ? ! !

YEOUCH! ! ! !

God! Iíll never hit Jackie again! Iíll even be her friend, if only sheíd stop!

YEOUCH! ! ! !

Oh! Oh! The pain! My bum is on fire! Iím dying!

Thank God! It must be over! Sheís let go of my neck!

Stand up? I donít know if I can! Ouch! It hurts! Letís try to rub the pain away! AHHH thatís better! Sniff sniff. At least the old cowís out of breath. Pull my knickers up now. She took them down, she should pull them up! Oh Oh! the material is so rough! Now my tights. AHHhhh! Thatís better. Nearly stopped crying as well.

No, Headmistress, you can bet your sweet life that I wonít be back here. Oh Lor! I can hardly walk! Ah! thatís better. Quick, whereís the loo? Ah! That's better! Alone at last! Letís look at the damage. Oh Lor! All those horrid red marks! Ouch! They sure hurt! Oh well, letís get back to class or Iíll be in more trouble.


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