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The trouble all started with Megan's senior year of high school. She had been a fairly quiet girl throughout her high school career, but in her senior year she met Jase. He was new to the school, having been kicked out of his old school for troublemaking.

They started dating before Thanksgiving break. By Christmas break, Megan's grades had plummeted, she was skipping classes and, to top it all off, she'd been caught smoking weed behind the bleachers.

Megan's parents were at a loss. They had never expected their shy, polite daughter to get up to such mischief! If things continued this way, she might not graduate at all.

After a long discussion, they decided that the best way to handle things was for her daddy to take her in hand. Megan had been spanked now and then as a child and it had always worked wonders. Her parents decided that it should work just as well with a teen.

Of course, the spanking would have to be updated. A little smacking over her daddy's knee wouldn't cut it now that she was nearly 18. This spanking would have to be a long, hot, humiliating affair that would jolt their daughter back onto the right path.

Megan was informed of her fate Friday afternoon. She was told to change into her pajamas right away and to wait in her parents' room for her daddy to come home from work.

Megan was shocked to feel a lick of fire across her upthrust rump. As a child, she'd only ever been given hand spankings. What she didn't know was that daddy had stopped by a special shop on his way home from work. He intended to wear out her little rear end!

"Daddy stop!" she squealed. "It hurts!"

"It's supposed to," he told her sternly, bringing his new leather paddle down on her vulnerable cheeks. SNAP!


After another lick, her daddy paused to contemplate her pajama-covered rump. This just wasn't doing the trick. He couldn't tell whether his strokes were the right strength. Besides, he reasoned, the spanking needed to have an emotional impact on top of the impacts he was laying on her butt. Taking down her pants would humiliate her and make her feel like the naughty little girl she was.

He reached over and began shimmying the cotton pants over her plump butt.

"No, Daddy! You can't!" Megan kicked her legs wildly.

"Stay still, little girl" her daddy said sharply. "You are getting a bare-bottom spanking and that is that! If you give me any trouble, you'll be getting one every night this week!"

With her pajamas well-down, Megan's daddy could admire the pink stripes he'd put down. He smiled widely.

"That's better, my girl. Your naughty behind is nice and pink. Don't you worry, daddy is going to paddle you bright red now!"

Megan sobbed in fear and embarrassment. It was awful to haver her daddy talk to her like a naughty girl and to gloat over how sore he was going to make her poor bottom.

Her daddy stood back and took aim again. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! He laid down three strokes starting at the crowns of her cheeks and ending at the tops of her white thighs. The pale pink of her seat was darkening to a nice bright salmon. Megan's daddy worked for an art supply company, and he was amused to think that his knowledge of color shades was being put to use in a whole new way. Time to work up to coral, he thought and brought the paddle own again with a crack.

"No, Daddy no" Megan sobbed as the paddle painted her naughty fanny. She wiggled in place but didn't dare to try and get away. She had no doubts that Daddy really would spank her every night for a week. She would never sit again!

All the same, she couldn't help but kick her feet as her rump got sorer and sorer. Finally, Daddy paused. Her heart fell as he said, "There! That's coral if ever I've seen it. Time for the next part of your spanking."

"Let's see about that kicking of yours," Daddy said. "Turnover."

Gingerly, Megan flipped over. She gasped as her raw cheeks landed on the sheets.

"Lift your legs," Daddy told her. Confused, she did. Immediately, daddy scooped up her legs and lifted them high in the air. Megan squeaked in dismay. Daddy adjusted her briskly, making sure he had a firm grip on her thighs. Now her bottom was perfectly placed for his attention. Next, he fished in his suit for a moment

and came out with a big wooden brush.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked, showing her the instrument of her coming punishment.

She shook her head miserably. It was too big to be a hairbrush. All she knew was that it looked painful.

"This is a bath brush. I looked online today and saw that it came highly recommended for naughty girl's bottoms. 'Bath brushes are very effective for the application of hard corporal punishment.'" He recited in a sing-sing voice. "You will have to tell me what you think."

He tapped the dreaded thing on her sore hiney. Megan hung in his grip, helplessly waiting for her comeuppance.


The dreaded bath brush descended on Megan's plump derriere. She wailed as the sting spread and changed into a roaring fire in her nates. Daddy was spanking fast and hard now, beating her butt like a drum.

"Daddy, please! No more, no more! Please, Daddy, it burns!"

"That's right," Daddy said in a castigating tone. "It's supposed to burn, little girl. This brush is going to burn all the naughtiness out of you right through these cheeks. Just think, it was partly these cheeks that got you into trouble in the first place. Them and this little pink puss I see poking out."

Megan couldn't believe it! Her daddy was looking right at her private parts and now he was talking about them!

"I think this little lesson will help you ignore what your naughty puss tells you to do. From now on you think with your brain and don't go chasing around boys who are no good." To emphasize his point, Daddy smacked the brush down over the diamond where her cheeks and thighs plumped out around her pussy. That spot was incredibly sensitive! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

Daddy focused his attention on her lower cheeks and delicate crease. He wasn't going to stop until his naughty girl's hiney was flamingo pink!

"How is that naughty fanny of yours feeling now?" Daddy asked sternly.

He hitched Megan's legs up a little higher and smacked the brush down again. Little white blisters were beginning to form on the plump bottoms of her cheeks. Two bruises were also coming up in the centers of her cheeks like the round dots of blush on a dolly. This was what a properly spanked butt should look like!

Megan didn't answer him, she just wailed and covered her face with her hands, wishing she could cover her burning nates instead. She was entirely in Daddy's power now. He would spank and spank her until he thought she'd learned her lesson. Half hanging in his grip, there was nothing she could do but cry and submit to his blazing punishment.

Daddy was pleased. He could tell that Megan wasn't fighting him anymore. Her sobs were hopeless and open as a child's. It was time to wrap up the lesson.

Daddy began a pattern of spanks that moved clockwise over each cheek and ended on the special spot where he thighs and cheeks came together. Six spanks to one cheek, six to the other and one over her spank spot. He made the rounds once, twice and a third time. Megan's entire bottom was now a deep shade of rosewood red. "Ok, little girl," he said, "last spanks." He rained a dozen smacks down on the diamond of her thighs as hard as he could.

"Will you ever skip school and smoke weed again?"

"No, Daddy," Megan sobbed.

"You'd better not," he warned, lowering her to the bed. "Next time we do this I'll paddle you twice as long and switch you too!"


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