Punished for smoking in school | illustrated spanking story

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I got caught smoking in school aging and the dean took my smokes and told me to go to her office. she also called my parents and they said do what ever you want to punish her. so she pulled my panties off and spanked my bare teen ass, bent me over her leg spanked me more. the worst part of the spanking was her yellow ruler that hert the most . then she put a book on my head and told me i fucked if i drop the book. out of the corner of my eye i saw her putting on a red strap on it turned my head and drooped the book on her desk she smiled and said "good". I wouldn't suck on her strap-on so she forced it in my mouth me teing to push her away. so she bent me over and and fucked me telling me that "your parents told me to punish you haw ever i feel". im asking her to stop she said shut up and take it. she keeps fucking me and the i have a massive orgasum and cum all over her red strap-on. 'WTF id dident say you could cum did it?" she fucking me on my side i cum agine . "ok I got you she said" pulls out my pussy and puts it in my ass. I scram as my ass is getting ripped open. AAAAAAAAA MISS stop it herts AAAAAA. she fucked my ass hard as i cried out in pain she kept fucking my little ass. finaly she stop and put it in my mouth i have to wash the strap on off. then eat her wet pussy. clean her wet pussy off. she told me to leave and i had to walk naked to my locker so every one can see me. I herd stories that she fucks student you dont want to go by the rules. she fucks girls into submersion. now when ever she needs to fuck i have to obay. to night she is comeing over to my home to fuck me in my home i her fuck toy. any time she need sex i have to obey she is my Mistress. my mom and dad know how she punishes too they want to watch and take pitchers of me being fucked.


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