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three-wheeled tricycle bondage The design was based on an old three-wheeled tricycle. The costume, made from molded leather, was actually built into the tricyucle so it appeared that poor June had neither arms nor legs, merely wheels. Her hands were tied to the pedals of the front wheel and she had to propel herself along by moving these pedals up and down and her ankles were attrache^ by strong straps to the rims of the rear wheels so her legs moved in an incessant circle as the wheels revolved. The frame of the machine was made from steel tubes to fit her body In the most difficult places and strong, tightly tied ropes kept her bound rigidly to the steel frame.

But she had the final satisfaction of being more loudly applauded for this costume than anyone else and she felt she had earned her wages after the show.

Back in Madame's office, a wealthy countess required two girls to test out some new machines she had designed, and Hilda and Mabel were sent along.

When they arrived at her castle in the mountains, they found a grim-faced woman clad in a severe riding habit who ordered them to take off their clothes and dress in black satin underclothes which she had had made in Pahs. The underwear looked most attractive and the girls tried it on eagerly, but their smiling faded soon when they discovered the satin had been lined with rasping sandpaper that rubbed at their bodies. It was too late to retreat, for the Countess had taken precaution of tying their hands and they were now completely helpless slaves, meekly carrying out their orders. She took the two bound girts to a large room where a special device was awaiting testing. It consisted of merely a large pit and a series of pulleys and ropes and she demonstrated on the two models how it operated.

Mabel was stretched across the pit. her wrists and ankles chained to small steel bollards on either side of the pit. so her body hung in a gentle curve in space Hilda was then hogtied with thin cord that cut into her flesh and was hooked on to Mabel s outstretched body by means of a stout leather belt that buckled around the first girl's waist. In this manner, Hilda hung down inside the It, suspended purely from Mabel, who was thus stretched in a most difficult manner across the pit. This, however, was only the beginning of their ordeals, for the Countess had thought up several novel ideas to improve this rather mundane arrangement. She believed in vanety and any of her slaves could be assured they wouldn't get bored in her service.

Just under Hilda’s drooping head was a small bowl fitted into the sides of the pit from which rose acrid fumes from a small fire.

This wasn't the end of the ordeal, however. The pit was slowty being filled with water and Hilda strained every muscle to keep her body and head out of the slowly rising water. She might have succeeded, had not a little chute arranged above Mabel's outstretched body been dropping a series of progressively larger and heavier metal balls on her back As the weight of the bails increased. Mabel's body sank lower into the pit and Hilda was lowered closer to the water The Countess was satisfied and ordered the girls to be released. ready for the next piece of apparatus.

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