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kneel on the floor bondage In (he special room under the office. Madame selected a strong leather corset and clamped it around Hilda's body. It fit tightly around the waist and hips and finished under the arms. A front section, however, continued upward from the top part running up to form a stiff cup on which the wearer's chin rested. As the corset was tightened, this front section raised itself, thus forcing back the head of the girt wearing it When it was securely laced in place, Madame placed two leather cuffs around Hilda’s wrists and fastened them together in front of her body while she fastened the girl's elbows to the sides of the corset by means of small leather straps woven into the waist of the garment. Finally, she forced Hilda to kneel on the floor and placed heavy cast iron boots on her feet that were so heavy that poor Hilda couldn't get off her knees at all and she was left to crawl about the floor on her knees, dragging along the heavy boots behind her while restricted in the corset, then Madame turned her attentions to Mabel

Madame was satisfied Mabel would be kept occupied for several hours and now turned her attention to Hilda who was still crawling on the floor, her movements hampered by the heavy iron boots clamped to her feet She made her crawl to where she was standing, her booted legs spread apart as she posed dominantly before the unfortunate model When Hilda reached her, she bent down and released her frm the boots and dragged her to her feet She then unfastened the straps on her arms and took off the tight corset.

Leading the girl across the room, she pushed her up against a long steel post which was mounted on a small turntable controlled by an electric motor. Pushing Hilda's arms down against the sides of her body as if she were standing at attention, she passed a thin strap around her hips and arms to secure her to the post, then stepped away. Opposite this post was a long drum of rope which revolved around a screw threaded axle standing perpendicular. As the drum revolved on the axleit worked its way upward by means of the thread and this was all part of Madames scheme She took the loose end of rope from the drum and pulled it across to Hilda as she stood against the post. She tied it carefully around one of the girl's ankles, then moved back to the switch controlling the electric motor which worked the turntable on which the post was mounted. She pulled over the switch and the pole began to revolve slowly, taking Hilda around with it.

Rather like a bobbin winding cotton, the rope began to wind around and around Hilda’s body as it was fed off the drum on the screw-threaded spindle. Slowly, the long length of rope began to wind itself around Hilda's legs, and, as it moved up its spindle not one coil of rope laid on top of the other, but wound tightly, each coil above the other, climbing steadily and tightly up her body.

By means of s amll brake lever, Madame was able to alter the tension of the rope as it unwound from the drum, either slackening it or tightening it so she could control the manner in which the rope wound around Hilda's body. She was able to make the rope pull much more tautly as it would around Hilda's waist, and so make it bind her very tightly while allowing it to slacken off slightly around the hips. The pole kept revolving until Hilda was completely coiled with rope from ankles to neck, unable to move even a fraction of an inch inside the tight bonds Madame left her fastened in this manner to the post and completed her utter subjection by means of a leather helmet which she strapped over her head, a helmet that covered her eyes, mouth and ears, leaving her as helpless as an Egyptian mummy inside its stone coffin. Madame then returned to her office to continue her work.

rope mummy helmet bondage

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