Danielle and Rachel bondage games with tight gags, part 2

Free bondage photos blog 10 July 2020

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"Hnnf... mmph... nmmf..." Rachel grunted through the soft packing filling her mouth. She had been hopping for awhile, and was beginning to suspect that Danielle was simply trying to tire her out. Every time she slowed down, she felt the teasing touch of "Ms. Riding Crop" against her bottom, causing her to quicken her pace.

They arrived at a door, opening to a staircase that lead into a basement. "We're here," Danielle said.

Finally, Rachel thought, maybe now I can get off of my feet.

She was right, although more immediately than she had guessed. Danielle picked up the zip-tied damsel and slung her over her shoulder, grasping her with one arm at her thighs and another squeezing her ass. Rachel groaned and wiggled her socked feet as she was carried down the stairs, her bottom being groped the entire way.

At the floor, Danielle set her down and removed her leash. She patted Rachel's butt with the tip of her riding crop a couple times, prompting her to hop forward into the room across from the staircase. The room was largely empty, except for a few basic pieces of furniture and a large cardboard box in the middle with a roll of duct tape sitting on top. Danielle pulled the damp panties from Rachel's mouth. "So, ready for your surprise, bitch?" she asked her captive.

Rachel took the opportunity to move her jaw around before replying, "It's going to be something to humiliate me, isn't it? In that box?"

"Right and right," Danielle said, adding, "But, I'm pretty sure I told you not to spit these panties out."

"Wait, what? You totall--MMPH! Fmmph mmu nn bnnff!" Rachel jerked her head back and forth, attempting to resist having the panties stuffed into her mouth yet again. She tried to actually spit them out, however before she could, Danielle had already grabbed the roll of tape.

Round and round she gleefully wrapped the silver tape over Rachel's panty-packed mouth. "Don't worry, Rachie," she said, "I'll only use one roll..."

"...for now."

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