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Clyde had a real good day at the auction. He went there specifically to buy Doris Henderson. He'd been sweet on her since they were in high school. She was a dark haired beauty with long legs, and he'd spent many a night with his hands under the covers jerkin' off to thoughts of sex with Doris. Mmmm... Poor Doris. She'd fallen on hard times and got herself caught stealin' food from the general store. He bought her naked and tied her to the back of his truck, legs spread wide and all sexy-like. Clyde would fuck her mornin', noon and night! Every day! Mmmm-mmm!

It really was Clyde's day because for $500 more he also bought Ellen Baker! That snotty little bitch got herself enslaved just yesterday and Clyde and the others didn't even know she'd be auctioned off today! Everybody there knew that Clyde was sweet on Doris, but he always despised Ellen because of how she always treated him like he was dirt. The others kind of backed off and let Clyde get them both. They all wanted to see Ellen get her comeuppance!

First thing he did with Ellen was to take the clippers and shave her head bald\ He laughed like a mad man as she cried and begged, but to no avail. When he finished with her head, Clyde went to work shaving her pussy. Right there in front of everybody! Even the free women were laughin'!

Everyone there knew that Doris was for fuckin' and pettin', but Ellen was for blowjobs and for whippin'! Clyde planned to have her teeth pulled out right away. Sad thing is, nobody there felt bad for the bitch. She deserves what's cornin' to her.

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