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When Lori dreamt of being a star, on-stage in a magnificent gown, being cheered by her adoring fans, she never once imagined herself being on display in the window of the corner butcher shop! She was so sure that she would win that last poker hand with Marcie, her long time rival, that she went 'ALL in'! She had plans made for that smug little bitch's ass... Now Marcie celebrates and Lori sobs in disbelief and pure shame as her 'fans' stop by to tap on the glass, smacking their lips. Her old school friends are laughing at her and taking up a collection to buy her for the reunion picnic on Saturday. If they succeed in buying her before she's sold for meat, they may not even roast her after all, but instead keep her spread wide open like a frog to lick and 'finger' her as she wiggles and cries! Then she would be raffled off for weeks at a time to her former friends and enemies for 'teasing' and other delightful uses of her naked little body.

public bondage humilation punishment gagged

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