The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 18

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By the time he was fnished, her face was almost entirely obscured. Only the very top of her hair and her nostrils poked out of the fesh-colored ace bandage he had re-wrapped her head in. Her eyes, ears, and mouth were tightly covered, and more white bandage was wrapped around her mouth. All were tightly cinched and clipped over the mouth padding and tape still in place.

As for her arms, her wrists were crossed behind her and lashed together, as well as to her waist. Her elbows were still tied, but not together. They were tied wide, across her FRONT, the rope straps going just below her tits. That way, she couldn’t wave her arms like wings. Tying her that way had been no trouble: when he undid the elbow and wrist ropes, her limbs were so much dead weight.

Her legs were together her ankles tied side to side (with a knot between), then bent up and tied to her thighs. Her lower thighs were tied to her shins. Then, just to be on the safe side, her ankles were tied to her wrists with a short length of cord. She could move around slightly, but she certainly couldn’t kick, walk, or stand. He watched her feeble struggles for a few seconds, eyes resting on her heaving chest -- just barely held in by the clinging dress -and her thighs, ass and cunt barely covered by the hem which seemed made from rubber bands. He thought about playing with her for awhile, but remembered his mother’s words.

He went back downstairs closing the protective trap door at the top of the stairs, as well as the attic door. “I’ll get the bag,” he said, striding into the living room. “She has some wonderful linge- rie....”

“Wait a minute son,” the woman said calmly,, still watching the television. He stopped just inside the front door. “I met your other little friend tonight,” she continued.

He brightened. “Yes,” he said, smiling. “Quite a little catch,, isn’t she?” “Lovely,” the woman agreed. “Very young and vibrant ... with quite a nice voice.”

“What?” he said, caught by surprise. “You’re very lucky she is so young,” she said pointedly. “A little older and her voice would be deeper and carry farther.” He blinked. “As it is, I think any one else would have been certain it was the wind.”

He started, coming toward her. “What happened?” “Very persistent your young friend,” said the woman. “Spent all day scraping off tape.”


“Don’t worry. She still couldn’t see, so she didn’t scream as loud as she might -- and besides, no one is home next door. The Scotts are on vacation. Why did you think I told you to do it now?” He smiled at her in thanks. “But I hope you learned a lesson. When you’re leaving them alone, you can never be too careful. Understand?”

He nodded. “Understood.” She went back to her television, but he continued to consider her. “How did...?” he began. “I mean, what did you...?”

She just smiled at him. “A very pretty young girl,” she said, looking back at the TV. “Quite beautiful, I would imagine, in the best of circumstances. Used to getting her own way. We had a nice little talk. I think I got her to think about ... other things...... His smile got wider. “Are you going to be with her, or your new friend tonight?’ she asked.

He stood and stretched. “Pretty busy day, mom,” he said,, thinking of his aching, overworked penis. ‘I think I may just turn in.”

The woman gripped the arms of her chair and started to get up. “Tell you what, then. You check your sweet, little girl friend downstairs; and I’ll see to it that your new friend is most comfortable. Okay?” “Okay,” he said, feeling a new thrill, and went to the cellar.

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