Lingerie and boots gagged hog-tie

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lingerie and boots bondage

Shit! Jeff's roommate is home early! He not only caught me jilling like a nympho slutóDave totally sees I went through his shit and found his coke stash. It got me so insanely horny I even stripped to the lingerie and boots I wore to fuck Jeff.

Dave's real pissed as he lashes me to my chair, thighs open to tease my pussy with a vibrator, making me moan like a craven coke whore begging for a line.

The doorbell rings. They're his customers, here to score blow. When I try to protest, he gags me. At least he tied my knees togetheróbut he tells them to grope me while I try to squirm.

Then, when the doorbell stops ringing, he ropes me into a hog-tie and leaves me for Jeff to find me while he goes out to hook up his other customers.

He left a note for Jeffóunder a leather belt to whip me with.

lingerie bondage hogtied cleave gagged stockings boots bondage

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