Sexy lingerie and bound to a chair, ball-gag and nipple clamps

Free bondage photos blog 20 December 2020

lingerie and bound to a chair

In the ladies' restroom, the chemical-smelling cloth went over Hannah's face before she could scream for her bodyguard. The young, ripe heiress came to in a brick room stripped to her sexy lingerie and bound to a chair.

"You kidnapped me!" gasped the petite blonde with the giant breasts. "Omigod! You’ll take advantage of me now that I'm helpless! You'll tie up my boobs and do all kinds of perverted things to me!"

Shrugging, the ski-masked men roped her tighter, even her tits until they bulged, then ball-gagged her and put clamps on her juicy nipples.

"Why don't we wait one more day to send the ransom note to daddy?" one grinned, then switched on the vibrator.

Eyes closed, Hannah moaned. Make it a week! At least!

ball gagged women

nipple clamps lingerie bondage ball-gag stockings

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