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bondage transformation doll in latex

From the moment the lawyer was caught sneaking into the facility, her life had changed dramatically. The fact that she was a rich and powerful Divorce Lawyer only made matters MUCH worse for her. The doctor renamed her “LAWYER CUNT", as her training and transformation continued. Each day she was force fed special drugs, hormones and vitamins that caused her breasts to swell tremendously. The mix of drugs, (including Rohypnol - “Ruffies"; a highly concentrated THC extract from Marijuana and a powerful type of LADY VIAGRA) kept her constantly horny and in a dazed, stoned out state of mind. She found she could barely concentrate on ANYTHING, much less forming an escape plan. Then all outside distraction were removed when she was forced into a heavy latex bondage suit. The only openings in the suit were for her ringed nose holes, her super sensitive nipples, and her dripping wet pussy. A removable, inflatable gag filled her mouth completely. Her ears had been plugged before the padded helmet was placed over her head. She could only smell latex and hear her own breathing and heart beating as her arms were pulled behind her and her mittened hands were strapped around her neck. She was bound, choking herself! The tight suit caused her swollen nipples to explode outwards, begging to be fondled. Her new nickname was L.C., (short for Lawyer Cunt), but she soon became known as "Elsie, the Cow", once her breasts began to lactate. By the end of her 3rd week in captivity, her breasts were as big as her head and dripping hormone enriched milk. The slightest touch upon her nipples sent waves of pleasure through her body. The crushingly tight latex forced the over active milk glands to drip white necture constantly. A firm breast squeeze would cause milk to shoot out in all directions. By the end of week 4, L.C. had to be milked hourly. If not, her breasts became painfully engorged. The doctor had placed metal hose clamps on the end of each nipple to ensure no milk could escape. L.C. hated the clamps, but loved when they were removed and her aching breasts could be milked.

Today, the doctor added something new to her torment. L.C.'s ballerina booted legs were locked in place and a huge dildo was stuffed into her horny, dripping puss. She was bent and locked in place by a crushingly tight waistband. Her mouth was stuffed with a similar dildo. A tiny chain ran from her nose to a shelf in front of her. The chain kept her mouth locked around the huge bulbous head of the dildo gag. She found could not pull away from it. As she struggled, the dildo gag slid deeper into her mouth.

When her lips touched a certain point, delicious hormone enriched milk dribbled out of the dildo. It had the taste and consistency of cum, but L.C. was stoned and starving and the fluid was quite tasty. As she bobbed on the dildo, it rewarded her with more and more cum flavored milk. As she worked the rubber cock, her hanging breasts were being slowly milked by vacuum cups sealed to her latex suit. L.C.'s tits began to bounce and swing as she sucked the cock. She accidentally bounced a swollen boob against a sensor cup, which activated the motor of the “Pussy Pleaser".

The machine began to mechanically fuck her silly. She was so damn horny, she soon was on the edge of a tremendous orgasm. Then the dildo stopped. She tried sucking the cock harder, but only got ’cum milk* in return. Then her swinging tit touched the sensor in front again, and the dildo began to plunge deep into her over stuffed pussy. She had figured out the secret! But with each activation, the Pussy Pleaser stopped plowing into her a minute sooner. She had to bounce her tits harder and harder against the device's sensors to keep the machine fucking her. And the Cum Milk was becoming harder to extract, too. L.C. had to suck and swallow more and more of the dildo before it would reward her.

The doctor arrived with his clip board in hand, taking notes. He checked the meter on the pump and then added up the container amounts. L.C. had no idea he was there, as she bounced her tits and sucked the dildo.

"Almost 5 gallons in 8 hours. Very good CUNT!" (Of course she couldn't hear him, but the doctor didn't care.)

"You’ve figured out the reward system. And you're REALLY enjoying the taste of your own, highly addictive milk being fed back to you. Tomorrow, you'll get an extra dose of hormones and I’ll increase the dildo size. At this rate, you'll be a full blown FUCKING cow in no time at all." At those words, L.C. exploded in a massive orgasm, almost as if she could hear the doctor. “Good Golly! You're loving this, aren't you. Slut? I'll send an orderly in to strap you into bed for the night. Sweet Dreams! I have lots of other cunts to check in on, BUT, ah. I’ll tell your client, “The Wife", you said "MOO!"

L.C. was still orgasming, frantically fucking, sucking and jiggling her tits as the doctor left the room...and her gagged, orgasmic moans really did sound like she was saying “MOOOoooooo!"

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