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When my wife comes home early from her trip and catches me wearing her lingerie she goes ballistic. She says "Now I understand why things are not were I put them in my dresser, I thought I was losing my mind. Now you just stay right were you are. You better be exactly as you are now when I get back if you know what's good for you." She leaves the room and I and so shocked that I just stand there as she told me. She comes back into the room carrying several coils of rope and a wide roll of medical tape. She looks at me and says "What you've been doing is wrong and I need to punish you. Now come over here and stand up straight with you legs together and palms together behind your back. First she ties my wrists together and tightly cinches them with the ends of the rope. Next she ties my ankles and my legs both below and above my kness in the same manner. She loops coils of rope around my upper body both above and below my chest and cinches it between my back and arms pulling my elbows together until they touch. A rope is looped between my back and arms then up around the back of my neck and tied off insuring the ropes won't slip down. Next she wraps rope around my waist and arms then cinches it in the same manner pinning my wrists to the small of my back. She then walks to the far side of the room and commands to come to her. With how I am tied and wearing five inch stilettos I can only take one inch steps. It takes me some time to get there. She backs me up to the table and helps me into a seated position. She then loops some rope around my legs then around my neck and wraps it from my legs to my neck. Now if I try to stand I would have to lean over at the waist. Lastly she takes the white medical tape and after moving my hair out of the way very tightly wraps it around my head several times. When finished I was very well gagged and could only manage to Mmmmph through the tape. "There, that should do for now. I will check back in a couple of hours to see how you are doing. If you try to get free I will be very angry with you. I want you to just sit here while I go and think of a proper punishment for you." I Mmmmph a reply and she leaves the room. I thought this was my punishment. I can't imagine what she will do to me when she returns. As I sit there I test my bonds and realize that I am truly stuck until she returns to punish me. I dare not try to free myself as it would probably make my punishment worse, whatever that winds up being. My imagination runs wild and the anticipation is just too much. I begin getting aroused as my thoughts run wild and things get a little uncomfortable. Time drags on slowly as I wait to be punished.

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