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The captured Queen had her fine clothing stripped off leaving her obese body completely naked. Next, she was tied on her back on a pallet in the most humiliating position that her smirking former handmaidens could devise. Her arms and legs were spread wide, and her thunderous thighs and legs lifted obscenely into the air, exposing her crotch, which was meticulously plucked bald, leaving the 'royal clitoris' poking out of its hood for all the world to tickle and laugh at. She looked like an enormous pink sow being readied for an oven.

Her eyes were wild with panic above her gagged mouth as she watched the brawny young men with the leather straps proceed to roast her huge bottom and thighs with slap, after slap, after incredibly painful slap! Her haunches, and even her exposed sex, began to glow a bright angry red as she was mercilessly spanked and paddled!

When the lads were finished, they grabbed the ropes and dragged the whimpering naked Queen, as she was on her pallet, sliding across the floor, through the wide doors and into the banquet room where the Lords and Ladies were feasting and anxiously waiting for the humiliated former Queen to be presented to them. Her eyes were wet with tears, her nipples had been rouged, and her reddened bottom and her exposed sex quivered in shame and fear.

After a rousing cheer and hearty male and female laughter they put aside their forks and began to make sport of her naked, obscenely spread body! Oh, the degradation I The sheer joy of the aristocrats as the terribly exposed Queen was poked and prodded, her private sexual parts tickled and slapped. Her womanhood involuntarily creaming with intense, unfulfilled sexual need\ Her flabby legs were flapping up and down as if they were huge pink wings, trying in vain to lift the rotund, red-bottomed beast skyward and away to escape the ridicule and the intimate fondling.

Alas, it was the former Queen's terrible fate to have this entire ordeal repeated, at least thrice per week, for the remainder of her unfortunately long and humiliating life. Visitors from other kingdoms often came just to enjoy participating in the degrading 'spectacle' of the former Queen's continuous and intimate punishment.

spread-eagled tape gagged tortured

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