Slave training companies 2040

Free bondage photos blog 28 January 2021

The year is 2040. The economy in the Western World has collapsed, and inequalities have exploded - leaving millions of people to live in poverty, while a small group of very rich individuals are now free to pull all the strings, changing laws and politics as per their convenience.

In that context, slavery has been made legal again. There are a few difference with the past, though: slaves have now more rights, their master cannot kill them, nor physically injure them to the point of permanent disability.

Notably, there are young girls who are sold by their poor families to “slave training companies”. Those are specialized in turning young women into perfectly trained sex slaves, using method like hypnotism and brainwashing.

The companies are very proud to produce the most obedient, submissive sex kittens, completely devoted to a man’s pleasure, so they can sell them to wealthy men.

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