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"Ooooh! So soft and smooth! Can I keep her, George? Can I? I promise to take care of her. I will feed her, and clean her, and cuddle her, and spank her when she's naughty. Can I keep her? Please George!"

"Okay, Lenny. But you have to take care of her. And you have to be willing to spank her when she's naughty and makes noise. Can you do all that, Lenny?"

"Oh, YES George. I will spank her when she's naughty! 'SLAP' See?? I promise I will, George. And I will play with her. But I will never let her out of the house and I will never let her 'cum-cum' without your permission. Just like you said! Thank you, George!!"

George’s girlfriend broke up with him because she couldn’t stand his friend Lenny being around all the time. So George gave her to Lenny, and they keep her in an old house in the country.

humilation slavegirl punishment spanking

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