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"Look, this isn't funny anymore! Just say the release word so I can take this clamps off and this outfit, they fucking hurt like crazy!"

"I know I agreed to be hypnotised but this isn't funny"

"You know what, fuck you! I'm going round to my friend, she'll help me"

*Grabs the zipper*

"Oh god, I can't zip up the catsuit! You've prevented me from covering myself! I can't go out with my tits hanging out, I'll get arrested, or worse!"

"Please, I'm begging you, say the release word. Look, I promise I'll even suck you off if you do, I swear!"

"What do you mean I already have, I don't remember doing that"

"I won't remember any of this either? I'll be forced to walk around with my breasts at all times and clamped but never know why I want to? Why are you doing this to me?!"

"Him? I had no idea he was married and never meant to split them up, please forgive me, I'm innocent!"

nipple clamps slavegirl punishment

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