The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 43

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The old woman wanted a nice, sweet, fresh-faced blonde to warm her son’s bed, and that’s exactly what she got. Barbara was spread-eagled on the bed, her limbs like stretched rubber bands. Her turtleneck was gone. The shoes were gone. She was entirely, and gloriously, naked, laying there with every limb outstretched.

They had tied her perfectly. There was absolutely no slack in the ropes. She was all but hovering over the frm mattress and tightly tucked sheets. Her head rested on a white, fuffy pillow.

Sometimes her foot would point. Sometimes her hands would reach. Sometimes her head would raise, and she would cry into the ball gag -- now covered with bands and bands of ace bandage tightened at the side of her head (where she couldn’t scrape it off). But mostly she just stretched there ... a perfect blonde bed warmer.

Downstairs, Dana was on her stomach, her head all the way up. Her legs were bent double, with ankles tied to thighs, and knee to knee. Her wrist cuffs were roped to her ankle bonds in a tight hog tie, so he could see her tits partly mashed on the foor. Her hair had been put in a ponytail which was also affxed to the hog-tie, so she couldn’t duck.

She just lay there in a tight bow as Melissa slobbered on his penis.

He was sitting in the easy chair in the foyer, watching Dana’s tits, and television while holding a fstful of Melissa’s faming red hair. She gasped and sucked and licked through the ring gag on one bent knee, while her other leg was straight out behind her. She had to. The old woman was still resting between her legs, the paring knife blade carefully placed between her vaginal lips.

Every few minutes they had her change her position slightly, to make the exercise more diffcult. First on her right knee, then on her left, fnally on both knees, with her feet off the foor. And all the time, the old woman kept the knife steady.

Finally he motioned his mother back. “I’ve got an idea,” He said, lifting Melissa’s head off his hard on. He held her up by her hair as his mother pulled the knife out. He looked her straight in her wet, wide, green eyes.

“I bet you’d like to get that gag out, wouldn’t you?” he asked. Melissa just stared. ‘For the frst time in days, to have your mouth actually free. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it?” He shook her head for her. She squealed, grimaced, and screwed her eyes shut. “Well, you’re going to get your chance.” Then he dragged her head onto his lap and started to unbuckle the ring gag.

He yanked it out before she could even comprehend what was happening, but then she was upright, on her knees, her mouth completely free. But then, the old woman was on her, one fat, mealy hand over her mouth, the paring knife at her throat.

“But understand,” the old woman hissed. “You make one sound above a whisper, and you’re dead.’ He took a handful of her hair tightly but gently.

“Believe it,” he told her. “Now that we have that sweet young blonde thing upstairs, we don’t really need your now do we? What do you think? She better looking than you? Her tits are better. Her body’s better. You’re shaped, but she’s curved. You’re tight, but she’s smooth. So what do you think?”

The old woman jerked the young girl’s head. “You know what to do.’ Then all the hands were off. Melissa just kneeled there, her head slightly askance, her lip trembling.

The old woman touched the blade to the back of her head. “Come on. You don’t have all night.”

“Please,” she started in a raw, tiny, sweet voice.
“Can’t you.... Please....”

He leaned forward and smiled. ‘You have a very nice voice.’ Then he grabbed a handful of her hair. “We really must have a talk sometime.” Then he really got things going by dragging her face down to his erection.

She started babbling. “You really...,” came her girlish voice. “... want me to.... No, please, no, I...!” But then her lips touched his cock crown. They automatically parted, the penis went into her mouth, and she started sucking, licking, and slobbering all over again.

“Ahhhh,” he said leaning back, his hand still gripping her hair. The old woman kept one hand fat on Melissa’s back, and the knife slowly returned to its place between the redhead’s legs.

The young girl started at its touch, then redoubled her efforts.

“That’s better,’ he said, glancing over at Dana, who was becoming more agitated -- pulling on her ponytail, and making her tits jump. She was making sloppy begging sounds around the penis gag.

“Oh no,” he said quietly. “Not you. You’d try to take it off. You’re suicidal. We have to keep you still and quiet for your own good....” And then he couldn’t talk any longer since Melissa’s mouth exulted in its freedom.

Her hands twisted in their bonds, making fsts, but her tongue and lips were amazing. He got harder and taller as she went, until he couldn’t help grabbing her head in both hands to control the speed of the oral sex.

He made her go fast three times, then achingly slow once; fast three times, then agonizingly slow. ‘That’s it, that’s it,” he cried. “Don’t rush. Don’t rush.... !” The old woman moved the knife up her vaginal canal another centimeter. “Don’t rush,” she warned. Melissa stilled and slowed immediately. Se looked up with her big green eyes, then did the proper head movement herself.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “That’s it.”

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