Steel chastity belt bondage for sister

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chastity belt bondage gagged

"MMMPPPHHH!!!" Miranda shrieked uselessly, even as the sorority girl used her pliers to finish crimping the metal balls to her new unbreakable titanium tongue studs.

"That should just about do it," Vicky said, putting her tools away. Her other sorority sisters pulled in closely, staring at Miranda's finished piercings with undisguised glee.

Lara, the president of the LEZ Sorority, patted the bound young woman on her shoulder, though her condescending smirk belied her intentions. "So, little Miss Grad-Ass, how do you like your new jewelry? I bet you wish you didn't fuck with our mid-term exams now, don't you?"

The other sisters of Lambda Epsilon Zeta House giggled as Miranda frantically waggled her tongue, her twin studs click-clacking noisily against her spreader gag. She wailed and tried to struggle, but her zip-tie bonds held her easily.

She gulped uneasily. She'd made her feelings quite clear at the beginning of the semester; she didn't like the "Lezzies" one little bit. All semester long, she'd purposely graded their work by a harsher standard than the other girls in her Feminist Studies course. But nothing she did seemed to convince the nasty lesbos to quit her course. Switching out their answer sheets for the mid-term exams had seemed like her last, best chance.

She was snapped back to reality as the sorority president lifted a large, steel object before her; a chastity belt!?!

"You know what this is, sweet-cheeks? No?" Lara grinned. "This is a 7000X Ultimate Chastity Belt, bought especially for you! We had to order it special, but luckily your credit card wasn't maxed out just yet."

Miranda winced at this latest indignity, even as the sorority girls un-strapped her legs, and slid the new belt up her legs and over her hips! With a loud click, the belt locked snugly! For the first time, she saw that the front plate, while clearly steel, was shaped into a grotesquely realistic pussy, complete with labia and even a clitoris nub at the top!!

"Congratulations, sugar-lips! You're the proud new owner of one of the most advanced chastity belts on the market!" Lara said excitedly. She tapped the strange front plate. "It's pretty easy to unlock it too. All you have to do is drag two special magnets up and down the front plate for about one hour continuously, every day for three months. I should warn you though, the belt has a nasty little vibe built in, that is also activated by the magnets."

With that, the girls tossed her out into the dark night, wearing only her new belt. Miranda stood on the sorority house stoop for a long moment, utterly confused by Lara's explanation. Why bother locking her in the damn thing, if it was so easy to unlock?

Then with a start, she realized just where those two 'special' magnets were now located!!!

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