Rubber punishment bag - bondage photos

Free bondage photos blog 6 March 2021

two boys in punishment bag

Campers who misbehave or experience delusions of 'heterosexuality', may have to spend a few nights in a 'Fag Bag'. The guilty camper (along with his bunk-mate) are bound tightly together, face-to-face, and stuffed into a flexible rubber bag. With no bottom to support themselves, the fags constantly adjust their position and rub their sinful penises against one another. For added effect, each of their mouths are held open and kept together by a plastic ring strapped to their heads. With each faggot's mouth forced open, the only comfortable position for their gay tongues is when they are touching. The campers may be kept in this position for a whole day, writhing in pleasure as their bodies rub together.

isolation cell ring-gag punishment

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