Inside the latex vac bed - bondage photos

Free bondage photos blog 19 November 2021

Binding herself tightly in ropes she slipped inside the latex vac bed, grabbed the air hose with her mouth and waited for the beep to start the challenge.

She had 5 minutes to untie herself before the vac bed switched on sealing her inside the cocoon for 30 minutes before get a 5 minute chance to try again. Each struggle inside the cocoon causing the ropes to re-tighten a little as she waits.

She couldn't risk trying to slip out whilst still bound as the bed would seal automatically if she stopped breathing in the hose.

After 4 hours the vac bed would seal again and the program change, staying sealed as long as it detected breathing and switching her vibrating egg from teasing to shock mode.

isolation cell latex bondage vibrator tortured

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