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Leia slave Jabba

Leia was stopped just before she could release Han from the corbomite which imprisoned him. Jabba was furious! He wanted an example made of Leia. Unlike Han, he had Leia stripped naked and only partially imprisoned in a corbomite block. Her bare breasts, stomach, and knees were left exposed. Jabba laughed as he ordered just the top of her vulva left exposed. Basically, just her hooded clitoris!

Jabba ordered the protective hood removed. He wanted Leia's clitoris to be exposed to the world, poking outwards like a miniature cock! Poor

Leia could still feel every sensation. Her face and eyes were also kept out of the corbomite while her nipples and clitoris were spitefully teased. When Leia was at the very edge of orgasm, Jabba had her frozen with her mouth open and her tongue lolled out, her quivering body brutally held at the beginning of an enormous orgasm. Feathers and fingers could still be used on her exposed nipples and clit to bring her from hovering 99% of the way to orgasm, to an incredible 99.99% of the way, but she would never be able to get to release! With Luke dead, nobody would ever be able to save her from her horrific fate.

Jabba had Leia mounted on the wall alongside of Han. He might someday relent and unfreeze Han to do some more smuggling for him, but Leia would be spitefully held hovering infinitely close to her orgasm, never achieving it, for hundreds of years. She would be displayed outside Jabba's walls, her eyes bulging, her clitoris perpetually tingling and vibrating, and her mouth opened in horror, as a warning to others, and as a pleasant spectacle. Passersby were encouraged to tickle her exposed sensitive places, knowing full well what that was doing to the once proud 'Princess'. "Noo Kee Too La, Leia! HA! HA! HA!!"

slavegirl punishment isolation cell

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