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latex hogtied girl

My wife went crazy when she came home unexpectedly and found me wearing her clothes. She yells at me that she warned me not to do it again or I would have to be punished. She tells me to get out of her clothes but to leave everything else on. As I finish undressing she tosses me a black latex catsuit and tells me to put it on. Once finished she comes over and puts on a pair of black high heels and these have a locking ankle strap which she locks closed with two small padlocks. She then holds up two pills and a glass of water and tells me to take them and I do so as she gives them to me. Then she has me sit in a chair and from behind me puts a black latex gwen hood on me and zips it tight. She then has me lay on the floor and proceeds to tie me in the most strict hogtie I could ever imagine. It takes her quite a while to finish but when she is done I am amazed at how tight and unforgiving my bondage is. One last thing she says as she ties a doubled up rope to the ropes between my shoulders. She then feeds it under my arms, between my legs to the waist rope in front, loops it and feeds it back through. Then with a powerful tug she has the rope pulled so tight it causes my back to arch. After securing the rope around my wrists she say she is finished and that I should have fun while she goes out shopping for the rest of the afternoon. After she leaves I start to struggle wildly to free myself. It does no good and actually only seems to make the ropes even tighter if that is possible. I also cannot lay down with the ropes forcing me to arch my back. After about an hour I notice things getting tighter in the crotch area, I seem to be getting really hard and the pressure from the ropes rubbing against me is incredible. Every little movement arouses me even more. Those pills she gave me must have been Viagra so now I am stuck like this until she decides to free me. It is going to be a long hard day for sure.

hood hogtied latex bondage collar high heels bondage

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