Danielle and Rachel bondage games with tight gags, part 3

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"All done!" said Danielle, tossing the emptied roll of tape aside.

Rachel tried moving her jaw, which was now nearly impossible given her mouth-filling panties and dozens of tape layers. The entire portion of her face below her nose was covered with shiny silver, a whole roll's worth of duct tape that was wrapped tightly behind her head. "Ommh mmph gnnff..." Rachel mumbled through her gag, "Fmmh mmu, Dnnmmh..."

"Wow, that shut you up nicely!" Danielle said. Her hand pressed over Rachel's gag and rubbed back and forth across the smooth tape wrapping. "I don't think you'll be spitting those granny panties out again. Your big mouth took a whole roll of my tape, but don't worry Rachie, there's plenty more where that came from!"

She had Rachel kneel in front of the box, then opened it for her. Rachel's eyes widened at the display of duct tape, rolls upon rolls, filling the box to the brim. Oh fuck, thought Rachel, she's not using all of that, is she?

As if reading Rachel's mind, Danielle told her, "I've got you booked for the whole night, Rachie. You're going to be my duct tape bitch! And I'm not letting you go until we've gone through every last roll in that box."

"MMMMPH! NMMM!" Rachel shouted, struggling against the zip-ties that restrained her.

Danielle bent her over the box, shoving her face into the collection of tape. With her hand straight and firm, she began to spank Rachel's bottom. Knowing that Danielle could keep up indefinitely, Rachel stopped.

"Giving up already, Rachie?" Danielle teased, rubbing her now pink butt. She pulled Rachel out of the box and grabbed two rolls. Rachel was unusually still as she was dragged over to a wooden post in the corner, reserving her energy for the right opportunity. "We're going to test out your flexibility," said Danielle.

She used a small pocket knife to cut the zip-ties binding her captive. Before Rachel could regain control, Danielle had already pulled her hands behind her back. About a half roll of tape was wrapped around both of her hands, turning them into a useless mass of silver. Danielle pulled her legs up, pressing her shins against the post. Rachel groaned as Danielle used a whole roll to bind her ankles and feet to it. The last of the tape she used to pull Rachel into a strict hogtie, curving her spine back as far as possible without hurting.

"Still as athletic as ever, I see," commented Danielle. She lifted up Rachel's chin and stared into her furious eyes. "I think I'll let you enjoy this position for awhile. Feel free to keep struggling and gag talking all you want." Danielle patted her blushing cheek and left the room.

Rachel began to struggle, hoping now that she had the chance to escape.

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