Bittersweet bondage therapy 7

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'Why don't you do this properly and get down on your knees like a good girl?' Emily said, her eyes narrowing as she smiled.

Christina could barely keep her excitement under control as she eagerly obeyed.

Emily slid off her other shoe and shoved her feet up into Chistina's face.

'Do you like the way they smell?' Emily asked.

'Yes.' Christina said, before shoving her foot into her mouth.

Emily responded by pushing her other foot up into Christina's crotch. The crotch of her pantyhose was soaking wet.

'Ooo, look how wet you are.' She cooed as she began rubbing her foot against her soft, wet sex.

Christina arched her back and moaned, her hips gyrating against Emily's foot.

'I bet you wish you were tied up doing this, don't you?' Emily cooed.


'Isn't that better?' Emily asked.

'Oh, yes.' Christina replied, pulling at the tight ropes around her body.

'Keep sucking like a good girl.' Emily moaned. There was nothing she like more than watching a beautiful girl struggle in front of her. Except maybe if that beautfiul girl was sucking on her toes at the same time.

'Struggle for me Christina. Struggle'

Christina obeyed and began to pull harder at the ropes around her. Emily responded by shoving her foot further into Christina's mouth.

Christina tried to pull back and lick her foot instead, but Emily was having none of that. She put her foot firmly into Christina's chest and pushed her backwards.

Then she stood up and pushed her foot back into Christina's mouth.

'Take it all.' Emily ordered.

Christina tried to pull away, but she couldn't resist as Emily's toes went further and further into her mouth until she was almost gagging on them.

'That's a good girl.' Emily said, pulling her foot out and straddling her.

'Such a good girl'.

Emily moved down and softly kisses her.

Christina responded beneath her - moving her body against her as they kissed.

Emily's hand moved down between her legs and began rubbing the drenched crotch of her pantyhose.

'Does that feel good?' Emily asked.

'Oh God, yes.' Christina moaned. 'Harder - Harder...'

'You want it harder? I don't think you should be asking for such things.' Emily said moving her hand away.

Christina writhed under her, moaning and pushing her body against Emily's - trying to entice her to continue.

'Oh, you want to struggle?' Emily said. 'I'll make you struggle.'

'No....! D-Don't tickle me!' Christina cried.


'Now that is better.' Emily cooed, as her fingers continued soft flesh. You are ticklish are you?'

'Yes!' Christina cried, trying desperately to push Emily off of her. It was useless she was too well tied.

'God no!' Christina cried, stop... stop.


'Christina, I asked you a question. Do my feet interest you?'

Christina bolted upright. Her entire body shaking.

'What's wrong?' Emily asked.

'Oh my god. I'm so confused. What is wrong with me?' Christina cried, putting her head in her hand.

'Christina, don't worry. I think I know exactly what you need.'

'You do?' Christina said, looking up at Emily.

'Yes.' Emily replied standing up. 'Come with me, I have the perfect therapy for you...'

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