Bittersweet bondage therapy 9

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Emily continued to turn the wheel and within a short time, any slack was gone and Christina found herself thoroughly stretched out on the table.

'I think that is enough.' Christina said.

Emily walked over to the table and came back with a large black ball gag.

'What's that-'

'You should really learn to keep quiet.' Emily said with a distinct tone of evil in her voice.

Christina tried to twist away, but it was useless. Emily had no problem shoving the large object into her mouth.

'Mppphhhhmmmm.' Christina mewed into her gag.

'That's a good girl - nice and quiet.'

Emily licked the ball and moved her hand down between Chrsitina's legs.

A wave of passion swept over her and she pushed her pelvis into Emily's hand.

'You're much too eager.' Emily cooed. '... and obviously not quite stretched enough.'

Christina tried to protest but the only thing that came out was a line of drool that slid down the outside of her cheek and into her hair.

Emily turned the wheel again.

After a few turns she came back and continued where she had left off. Her hands began to slowly move over Christina's body, softly at first and then as Christina responded, with more purpose. Christina was soon out of her mind with lust, her hips gyrating against Emily's latex gloved hands.

Emily brought her to the very edge of bliss and then stopped. Christina moaned a muffled noise of protest, but Emily was already moving away. Christina at first thought that she might leave her like this, but those thoughts were quickly dashed as Emily returned with a large white vibrator in her hands. Christina began to struggle harder, not because she wanted to get free, but because she wanted the touch of the vibrator so desperately.

She didn't have to wait long. Emily turned the wand on and pushed it hard against Christina's crotch. Within seconds she had come once and then again and again... Emily smiled as she watched Christina struggled against her bondage. After her fourth orgasm, Emily turned the wand off - and Christina began to protest.

'Well, you are someone that isn't easily satisfied are you? Hmmm... maybe stricter measures are in' Emily said pulling out a pair of black rubber panties. 'But first... a change of wardrobe I think.'

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