Vintage bondage fantasies

Free bondage photos blog 28 October 2020

Itís difficult to tell when my muse will hit. Often it is while I am at work, I feel the need to write of my fantasies, to get them out before I go insane, but there is nothing I can do but crunch my numbers and try to keep up with the reports. There are times, however, when my muse takes over, turning my reality into a living dream...

My phone is snatched from my hand, my arms forced behind my back and tied tightly. As my clothes are ripped from my body, hands work feverishly to spread my legs and tie them out. Nipples clamps, yes, I fantasize about how they must feel pressing and pinching, their rubber coated tips digging into my tender flesh.

And finally, on the floor, tied, humiliated, humbled. Even my mouth is covered so that I am not tempted to beg for release, for mercy. I imagine all the ways I might move my body, the different positions I can attain despite the tight ropes and rough, hard floor under me. The helplessness, the inability to control what happens next intoxicates me. One day it will come true.

nipple clamps tape gagged hogtied

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