The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 56

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As if that were true, they kept trying to chew it with little groans, grunts, and gasps, heads back, cringing, expressions of agonized despair and disbelief on their beautiful, sweatsheened, wet-eyed faces.

This mesh also wrapped their wrists behind them, and their hands twisted while their fngers reached in vain.

Melissa and Barbara stiffened when he en- tered, Dana twisting her head around as far as the neck rope would let her go. They all started whining and calling out, so he turned on both the stereo and the television before he crawled on top of the writhing, screaming blonde, his erection fnally freed.

The redhead simply had to stand and watch as he pulled Barb’s black lace neckline aside, her fne tits bouncing free. Grabbing one and her hair, he jammed his scythe-like cock inside the barely covered blonde tuft and started thrusting.

The music and electronic commentary all but drowned out the sound all three made—Barb crying out in pain, Melissa crying, Dana raging—while the expertly made and anchored bed swallowed up the sounds of struggle and sexual assault.

It didn’t take long, given the long day of expectation, so, within minutes, he spurted in her while holding her head back and squeezing her breast as if trying to tear it off.

Laughing, he left her there—neckline yanked back and hemline across her hips—and hopped back to sit before the redhead. “You might be wondering why you were tied that way,” he said, ignoring Barb’s bitter sobs behind him. Of course it was now obvious by the way his shaft stood up at the bottom of her vision.

Her brow furrowed in dread, he grabbed the back of her neck and drew her jerking head down toward his log, his fnger hooking under the mesh over her mouth like a tick burrowing into her fesh. “You know what happens to you and these two if you do anything stupid,” he said casually, tearing the mesh from her face.

It seemed reluctant to go, like a burrowing farm of worms which had taken residence beneath her skin, but, fnally, it was off, and then, a bigger, wriggling tongue-like thing actually emerged from her mouth, plopping wetly down on the bedclothes like a plastic croissant flled with hard jello.

“Please,” she gasped in a tiny croak. “You don’t have to ki...!”

But then his cock was in her mouth, his hands in her hair.

“’Ki’ you?” he joked as she choked. “Why, we wouldn’t ‘ki’ you. Not now...not here...!” He reached down, his legs wide, and clawed at her front until he could pull her mounds out between the “X” laces. He played with them while forcing her head lower onto his crank...until he felt clean enough to continue. Expecting to eventually feel his come down her throat, the little redhead was surprised when his fst yanked her hair back and the big, tongue-like chew-gag was stuffed back into her mouth. Then, incredibly, the mesh covering sunk into the slobber which covered her lower face. She stood blinking, off balance, her tits cruelly mangled by the unforgiving dress’ laces.

Even before she fnished blinking, he was off the bed and walking over to survey the brunette. Dana stared at him in pain and hate, her thighs vibrating. He noted with pleasure that the position forced her auburn cunt to peek out just below the velvet hem, like a tank waiting to be flled. Standing on absolutely no ceremony, he wedged his body against hers and undid the top lace of the dress.

Her left breast practically popped into his waiting hand and his cock slid into her cunt like a sword into a scabbard. She snorted and tried to kick, but he was already thrusting, staring directly into her angry, unfocused eyes.

“Wouldn’t you like to say something?” he grunted, not pausing in his surging. “Tell me what you think of me? Curse me? Beg me? Wouldn’t you like to scream or yell or call for help? Wouldn’t you like to spit in my face? Well,” he continued, giving her tit a deep, powerful squeeze, “you can’t. And you won’t, and never will. Because your mouth, like the rest of you was made only for invasion...or abuse.”

He pressed his thumbnail into her nipple as far as it would go. Her head went back in spite of herself and she moaned in anguish.

“Oh, and one more thing,” he said, thrusting as hard as he could. “Receival.” And then he came as she shook against the bed pole, eyes squeezed shut.

Finally, he walked casually around the bed, slapping a hand to Melissa’s fne, frm rump. “I bet you’re wondering why I didn’t cream you,” he said merrily, taking her ass in both hands as her head whipped one way and then the other, trying to see what he was going to do. “After all, you were my frst. You were the one who started this whole thing by being kind enough to get kidnapped without a trace.”

He carefully noted how her minidress didn’t quite cover her butt cheeks, especially after he had pulled her forward. He could just see tiny red strands of pubic hair between her long, young legs. “And then, once I raped you that frst time and nobody stopped me...I knew I could take you....” He looked at Dana.

“And you.” He glanced at Barb. “And do the same.” They all started to cry: the redhead unabashedly, the brunette reluctantly, and the blonde bitterly.

“Because,” he continued, carefully positioning his cock behind Melissa, “when you come right down to it, all you really are are sex receptacles—designed to attract, excite, stimulate, and then be flled.” With that, he entered Melissa from the rear.

“Without my seed,” he said, jamming her on him as she twisted, wailing, “your cunts and tits have no biological purpose. They exist to frst arouse and then be fucked. It’s not a question and can’t be argued. It’s the truth.”

He reached forward, fngers crawling up Melissa’s front as he lay on her bobbing back. He grabbed her tits and kept thrusting. “And you three, especially,” he continued, “with your bodies and faces...! Well, what could I do, huh? What else could I do?”

They tried to tell him...tell him they were human beings, too, that they existed to fnd their own happiness...that this was a criminal, monstrous aberration of the genetic imperative which was designed to propagate the species with love...that lust was designed to be controlled until true caring was mutually created...!

Or something to that effect, but that was what the mouth plugs and lip-mashing mesh was keep them sex things to be used...and then discarded...?

“No, no, no,” he said, grabbing Melissa’s haunches and jerking her faster and faster on his cock. “That’s why there are three of you here. That’s why there are so many beautiful girls out there. For this.” He reached over to squeeze Dana’s right boob. “For this.” He spit a perfect loogie on Barbara’s face. “For this,” he said, jamming Melissa onto his shaft as he poured cream into her.

“That’s what you are for!” he said triumphantly as he pulled his satiated dick out of the redhead’s beaver and slapped her on the back side. Only then did he open his closet door and pull out the small hospital tank with the skull and crossbones etched on its side.

Only Dana could really see it, and her eyes bulged, her body stiffening. Noticing her reaction, he walked over and untied her neck. “Wouldn’t want you to strangle yourself,” he murmured, then stepped back to twist open the tank’s nozzle. It hissed, a light white mist beginning to fll the room.

“Nice knowing you girls,” he said lightly, taking a long last look, drinking in their youth, beauty and pure sexiness. Then he quickly left the room, closing the door frmly behind him.

Dana started to scream and struggle as she never had before, hysterical tears streaming from her deep brown eyes, sweat pouring down her face, body, and legs. Drool flled the mesh mouth covering, building up, thickening, and sticking there like glue.

With incredible effort, Barbara sat up on the bed, just managing to see the spewing tank between her bound feet. She threw herself back and then from side to side, screeching in terror. Melissa turned her head all the way back, her green eyes widening in wonder.

Then she fell back, held in midair by the ropes, jerking frantically in torment. He and his mother watched them on channel 91 downstairs. They watched in rapt attention as the girls’ exposed breasts shook and trembled and jiggled. They watched as the sexy things used all their youthful energy and strength trying to escape their cunningly tied bonds and all but cemented gags.

They watched as the mist crept over them and into their nostrils and through their bodies. They watched as the girls’ expressions turned from abject terror to unjust agony to fearful weakness to peaceful stillness.

He looked at his mother with a strange, sick expression. “World’s Sexiest Snuff Videos, huh?” She snorted out a laugh. “Alright now, son,” she said. “Let’s get to work.”

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