Public handcuffed and fucked hard blonde

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Public handcuffed

I knew it was over, but as we approached the subway exit, I begged Steve for a final fuck. Sure, he said. Why not do it here, bitch?

Before I could answer, he ripped off my top, then handcuffed my wrists to a stair rail. Jesus, not like this here! I gasped, but he just lifted up my thigh and plunged his giant cock into my pussy—already wet with his spontaneous dominance.

He fucked me hard before he made me kneel to suck all my pussy juice from his throbbing cock. When he , shot his load, it was all over l my face. Then he whipped my legs and boobs with his riding crop before aiming a few shots at my pussy. He called me a dirty slut as he tossed the handcuff keys down the tunnel. Steve left me begging for more abuse.

fucked hard blonde

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