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The boys put Brenda into the back of the van and drove up North for a couple of hours before pulling off the main road and hiding the van from sight. Literally dozens of miles from the nearest houses they pulled her from the van and dragged her deep into the woods.

They stripped all of her clothes off and played with her nude body, grabbing and pulling on her tits and twisting her nipples as she cried and begged. Holding her down on the ground on her back with her legs spread, Sonny took a razor and cream and carefully shaved off every bit of her pussy hair, leaving her bald as a baby between her legs. He played with her clit till it was hard and poking out, then licked it while poking his huge finger into her asshole.

Brenda cried and pleaded to be let up because the ants were starting to bite her naked body. This gave Sonny an idea! He stood her up but chained her wrists behind her back so her arm was around the trunk of a small tree. She was unable to stand up straight, so remained in an awkwardly bent over position. The ants were crawling up her legs, and also from the tree trunk onto her arm and back.

Brenda's knees began to ache, but she knew that if she tried sliding down the tree trunk to her knees, the ants would swarm her once she was kneeling on the ground. As her knees began to cramp, she had no choice but to slowly work herself downward. As she squatted a few inches above the ground, her left foot slid out from under her and she fell onto her ass, the angle of her captured arm making it impossible for her to get back up. The ants swarmed her as she sat helplessly on the dirty damp ground! In just a few minutes they were all over her body. They were crawling over, and inside of her still wet pussy. They were biting her on her clit and nipples. All you could hear was the sounds of her screaming and begging, and the three boys popping beer cans and laughing their asses off!

It was getting late so they each pissed on her, then poured some beer over her, especially on her pussy and clit, which would attract even more of the little terrors. They headed back to the van while they could still see. The mosquitoes were starting to come out and they were voracious! The boys sprinted the last few yards, swatting away at the mosquitoes which were now biting at every square inch of exposed skin. They heard Brenda screaming like a banshee off in the distance. The mosquitoes were probably making a meal out of her! They got in the van and drove off, heading South. They'd come up again tomorrow to give her some water and play with her body some more.

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