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"Mother, Lady Weston used to be so mean to me! She still scares me, even though she's naked and chained in our home!"

"Don't be afraid of her anymore, Lydia. She'll never be able to harm you again. The Queen has given her to us... to you, as her punishment. As a matter of fact, now you can have her punished any way you like... whenever you want, from now on! You can choose to spank or whip her yourself if you like, anytime, or even let your friends do it. No, dear, the former 'Lady Weston' will be scared of YOU from now on! Come along... take the cane and given her six... no, TWELVE of the best, right across her arse. I'll be right there with you. Let her see that it's YOU caning HER bare arse. And you tell her that that's how it's going to be from NOW ON!"

"Thank you, Mother. I SO want to cane her, and pinch her nipples hard! And make her suffer! A LOT! Oh, Mother! Can I have my friends over now to watch me punish her? Please?? Lady Weston was mean to them too. It will make them all so happy! Please, Mother?"

"Of course, Lydia. She is yours to punish. The Queen did make that clear. I'll have Cook make up some refreshments for your guests... Oh, and one more thing, Lydia. The boys may have a bit of sport with her too, but the Queen was specific that Lady Weston may only... ahem... 'spend' when you say she may. Only you. Do you know what I mean, Dear?

"Oh Mother! That is so deliciously cruel! 'giggle!' I expect that Lady Weston will not get to ahh... 'spend' very often. Not often at all... though she will most likely be begging for the privilege quite a lot!"

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