She is still being spanked at home - bondage photos

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"Keep your nose in that corner, young lady, and don't you dare move an INCH! Just wait until your FATHER gets home! You're not going to be able to sit for a week!"

"P-please... just don't let Jimmy watch. Make him leave now, PLEASE!"

"Sorry Darleen, not only will Jimmy be allowed to stay and watch, I think it's time he learned how to spank you himself. He may be your younger brother, but he is eighteen, and the oldest son and he'll have the responsibility of keeping you in line from now on. We may even let him invite a couple of his friends over to learn a thing or two about punishing naughty bottoms like yours!"

"No! Mama PLEASE! NO!! He'll invite George over and I don't want him to see me getting spanked! Please!... PLEEEASE!"

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